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Local Veterans Honored by International Logistics Company, World …

CLEVELAND, OH (November 11th, 2015) World Shipping, Inc. honored local veterans during a ceremony and celebration on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 11:00am. U.S Air Force veteran, Chris Castell, presented World Shipping, Inc. with the U.S flag he earned while serving oversees as Director of Supply Chain, Logistics & Operations. Castell served in the U.S Air Force for over 15 years before entering into a successful career in supply chain management and logistics, as a civilian. Castell now works for the Rocky River-based company as Director of Operations, North America at NewPort Tank Containers (A World Group Company).

I am so proud to work for a company that is passionate about recognizing employees that have honorably served our country. Not all employers take the time to celebrate their teams. The fact that the World Shipping, Inc. does take the time to acknowledge our employee milestones, shows that we are a company that operates with integrity.

John Hunger, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer for World Shipping, Inc. emphasized the importance of taking the time to honor employee veterans; We as a company believe in the importance of showcasing the achievements of our employees. One of the greatest achievements that we ve been able to identify, are the 27 individuals within our organization that are United States Veterans. These men and women have stood up for our country and have allowed us to enjoy the freedoms that we have today. The very minimum of what we can do is recognize them for their service.

The veterans honored during the ceremony included:

  1. Russ Graef, ContainerPort Group, President
  2. Stephen Peters, ContainerPort Group, Recruiting Coordinator
  3. Randy Ross, ContainerPort Group, Network Engineer
  4. Fabian Negron, NewPort Tank Container, Customer Service Representative
  5. Scott Globokar, ContainerPort Group, Inspector
  6. Betty Knight, NewPort Tank Container, Customer Service Representative
  7. Robin Nelsen, UWL, Customer Service Representative

Not in attendance:

  • Shane Stoneburner, World Distribution Service, Supervisor
  • David Hertvik, UWL, Vice President, Finance

The timing of the ceremony was significant, as it represented the historical events that transpired causing Veterans Day to come into existence on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the month of 1918. Each employee veteran was given a Veterans Day pin so they could be visibly recognized for their dedication to their country and their company. Following the ceremony complimentary refreshments from The Manna food truck were provided for employees to enjoy.

About World Shipping, Inc.

Since 1960, World Shipping has been active in serving shippers and receivers of international cargo operating in multiple segments, including vessel agency operations, freight forwarding, ocean freight, trucking, rail operations, warehousing and distribution, bulk liquid international logistics, and customs clearance. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, The World Group companies include World Shipping, Inc., ContainerPort Group, UWL, World Distribution Services, and NewPort Tank Containers.

For more information, please visit www.worldshipping.com1.



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Overhaul Reinvents the On-Demand World of the Trucking Industry …


Overhaul launched their web platform and mobile app today, the next generation online marketplace for the trucking industry designed to address the needs of Owner Operator carriers and shippers moving higher value, more sensitive cargo. The uberization of trucking concept connects the needs of premium shippers to trusted professional drivers and operators eliminating the need to connect through third parties.

Overhaul s founders are seasoned executives in the security and logistics industry. With Overhaul, trusted drivers can thrive in an environment they get to design for themselves. We provide a secure method for shippers to move cargo with recognized and trusted drivers at our foundation, said Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul. Conlon has over thirty years of experience as a dedicated supply chain security professional. He facilitated the growth of FreightWatch into the Fortune 500 entity of innovative, supply chain security solutions known today and intends to do the same for Overhaul in the commercial transportation industry.

The Overhaul team will leverage its extensive network of contacts to line up higher end shippers and trusted owner operators (representing 91% of the US transportation fleet) in advance of the online marketplace launch mid-year. Overhaul s proprietary technology, with advanced safety and security features, and managed logistics services guarantees a secure move that will satisfy enterprise-level customers. Ultimately, resulting in increased visibility and security for sensitive and time-critical cargo at a reduced cost for shippers. Operators will benefit from the opportunity to build relationships with shippers while improving their cash flow based on performance criteria during the haul .

Overhaul will participate at the SXSWi Expo to inform industry leaders, investors and the public about its capabilities and how they are reinventing the transportation industry to positively impact drivers and shippers lives and businesses. To learn more about Overhaul, visit www.over-haul.com1.

About Overhaul

Overhaul is the next generation of the uber for trucking concept, launching in 2016 as the first trusted online marketplace for the Commercial Trucking Industry. Overhaul will provide premium shippers unique visibility and full confidence their cargo is in reliable hands, while giving trusted, professional drivers the right tools to maximize capacity, increase earnings and grow their business. Find out how Overhaul is driving costs down and removing roadblocks from within the transportation industry at over-haul.com

View source version on businesswire.com: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160311005610/en/2


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Amazon Japan begins shipping video games internationally …

Gamers who like to import titles from Japan take notice, the Japanese version of Amazon1 will now ship select games and hardware to international locations, potentially offering a cheaper option than turning to dedicated importers. While Amazon Japan has offered international shipping on other types of products, this is a first for video games. The change went without a formal announcement, and was only recently noticed by users on Twitter and the NeoGAF forums2.

There are several restrictions, mind you, but the prices, especially for the shipping, are fairly competitive, making Amazon a great place to check first for special edition consoles that don’t see release outside of Japan3, as well as games that players otherwise couldn’t find. Once catch is that international shipping will only be available on items sold directly by Amazon, and not third-party sellers.

Another important thing to know about is that Amazon accounts from other territories won’t work, shoppers need to create a specific account with Amazon Japan4. Fortunately, that’s much easier than you might expect.

Right from the start of choosing a new account, users will be presented with an option to use the site in English; from there, everything in the site’s navigation to tasks like creating the account, entering credit card info, and checking out will be in English.

The site will even display the converted prices of games in your local currency, as well as clearly stating which items will or won’t ship to your international address.

From there, any hurdles are strictly on the individual level. Most importers know this already, but it’s rare for Japanese versions of games to include English subtitles, so don’t expect to play anything in your native language.

Also note any region lock restrictions; the PlayStation 4, PS3, and Xbox One shouldn’t have any problems, except for the rare, odd title, but Nintendo still relies on the annoying practice, with the Wii U and 3DS only able to run games from the same region the hardware originated from.

VIA NeoGAF, Twitter56


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