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.0065. Low-Float. Huge Financial Growth. We have it ALL – Tuesday …

Greetings all! We went DEEP1 into this THIN2 alert! We can`t wait for the details to simply speak for themselves. With a deadly combination like PTSH3 has, we simply can`t wait to get into the details of this alert! ___________________________________________________________________________ We are more than delighted to lay down the facts concerning a very aggressive global logistics player that is poised ramp up sales and services. PSRs new trading opportunity is PTSH4. This company has been HOT HOT HOT off the press with 10 releases since early May. PTSH5 has not been shy in declaring numerous expansion details, financial growth, and company reports. They are communicating at the highest level, and shareholders have never been more excited to own equity in this ambitious operation. Lets take a look at all of the recent headway made by this company and its current and future environment that may bode incredibly well for small cap traders. You want a company that is loud, executing, and growing. PTSH6 is a well-oiled machine running its course in a professional and timely manner. We are all excited to see what PTSH7 and its management have in store in the very near future as they close deals and sign new ones.

___________________________________________________________________________ PTSH8 PTS, Inc. (PTSH9.pk) ___________________________________________________________________________ Below are the necessary Due Diligence Links for all interested PTSH10 Investors 1News 2Filings 3Share Structure 4Contact 5Investor Chat 6PTSH11 Home 7Navistar PDF 8Services 9Daily Chart 10Weekly Chart What does PTSH12 do PTSH13 is a Nevada based growth-stage Full Service Logistics and Transportation Company. They excel in all facets of the game leaving no stone unturned.

PTS, Inc. subsidiary Navistar Global Logistics (UK) Ltd is an international logistics freight forwarding company with high quality warehousing in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and at all ports and airports, and with north American alliance Starbase Global Logistics.

Navistar Global Logistics (11http://www.navistar.co.uk/) are specialists in air freight, sea freight and road haulage, transfer customs clearance, storage and fulfillment. Navistar can collect and deliver door-to-door, anywhere in the world.

Navistar have partners in Canada and throughout the United States. They have a worldwide network of international approved agents and have been established in the UK for over 10 years with a wealth of experience and knowledge in all disciplines. A founder member of “LOGpartners”, an international agency network and member of the British International Freight Agency, Navistar are also members of the RHA and the Chamber of Commerce.

The excellence provided within each service is remarkable! Details concerning each service can be found within the following links 12Air Freight offers a door-to-door service by air. Time critical consignments can be collected and delivered via a dedicated express service with a transit time of 1-2 days from airport of origin to airport of destination. 13Custom Clearance will handle all the administration and procedures involved in clearing your goods through customs. 14Haulage and Transport consist of fleets of clean liveried vehicles comprising of transit-type vans that deliver nationally and throughout Europe.

Northern and Southern Ireland are also a specialty. 15Ocean Freight can handle all of the intricacies in helping clients navigate important shipments via any of the 3,167 ports around the globe. PTSH14 covers the 16Special Projects as well by shipping unusual or specialized loads or organizing the logistics of a special event. Lastly, Navistar (PTSH15) allows for 17Storage and Fulfillment opportunities. Navistar`s flexible facilities offer the opportunity to outsource part or all of the complete logistics package enabling clients the freedom to concentrate on the productive side of bringing in new business and servicing customers.

Navistar does it all! There is good reason clients are choosing these long term industry experts as their outsourced professionals and business confidants! PTSH16 will do it all by land, sea, air and all the work in between.

What progress has PTSH17 made in 2012 PTSH18 has been slamming investors with positive updates and growth reports over the last 2 months. April 18News set the tone for PTSH19 arousal when 193 new contracts totaling Over $2MIL in top-line growth via USA and Chinese e-commerce operations were announced. In early May, 20PTSH20 dropped a bombshell when it Forecasted a 500% Increase in Revenue To Over $24 Million USD. Per the release we learned that Navistar will be distributing global ecommerce shipments and will combine regular air freight shipments to optimize the current distribution channels into Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. The expected revenue will be in excess of $24 million USD. The business will be staged in over the next few months and is expected to be in full implementation by September 1st 2012.

With a 21reported Market Cap of under $300K, PTSH21 may offer a scintillating picture of remarkably fundamentally undervalued trade. How many micro-cap equities offer THAT Top Line Growth and have that market cap PTSH22 will join UPS as the only other transport company at the London Olympics! The 22PTSH23 SHARE STRUCTURE is expected to REMAIN UNCHANGED UNTIL AT LEAST24 DECEMBER 2012. With a ~28MIL Float, there is cause for investor joy with these contracts and sales figures ramping up! In late May, PTSH25 continued service and client growth when it 23signed an Automotive Contract to stock spare parts for up to 5 years and to manage the transfer and replacement of old electronics and replace with new computers at the plant. The 24June 11th Semi-Annual report showcased PTSH26 financial and development summaries. CEO John OBrian also stated that PTSH27 is integrating a national distribution for a point of sale program for brand name companies and department stores across the UK. As the closing of previous deals and its execution nears, PTSH28 declared more monumental and brilliant augmentations over the past 2 weeks. On June 15th 25Navistar signed a UK oil and gas industry client to the sound of $6.3MIL annually. Not stopping, PTSH29 had been searching for an ideal hub for the company shipments via Asia and the new UK and USA expansions. This led to a Friday the 22nd announcement of 26Navistar Middle East expansion and the opening of a Bahrain Middle East Operations Centre.

Monstrous revenue growth, new industry clients, global hub expansion, share structure austerity, and outright aggression and ambition are all ingredients of PTSH30s last few months. Shareholders are pumped! How does the PTSH31 Chart look from a TA perspective We are all aware that PTSH32 has placed a lock on its current share structure.

With the current market cap of less than $300k and global Sales estimates soaring on a weekly basis, it is no wonder that traders are snatching up this stock. Equities with over 500% increases in Sales and blitzkrieg growth strategies do not stay cheap forever.

Lets look at the 27Daily and 28Weekly PTSH33 CHARTS. The recent price decline on May 15th led to a decimating downtrend where PTSH34 fell from $.025 to its current position of $.0065. This may be a remarkable trading break for those with the patience albeit a rebound could be in short order given the absurd fundamental strength here. Resistance is at the 20SMA of $.0106, and a break and hold over that may instigate a run back to the 50SMA at $.0212. That rebound would be a ~326% ROI talk about a Rebound!! A break over the 200SMA at $.025 may create a run to the next resistance at the historical channel near ~$.042. Looking at the weekly chart, top end ROI potential near term would indicate massive potential gains. The 200SMA on the weekly is ~$.072. A run to these ranges would garner gains of 1,000% or more a TEN BAGGER! The fundamental growth estimates and recent contracts have us all very interested in the potentials of PTSH35 especially at current prices. PTSH36 has stated September as a key time for business plan execution and a more easily justifiable valuation that should appreciate immensely as they hit their numbers and provide services. There is so much to like about this plan. Make sure to acquaint yourself with the 29Navistar PDF for full service details and to read over previous press releases. The share structure lock was an epic move of austerity to ensure shareholder value appreciation and trust. In combination with the entire global expansion, PTSH37 offers a dream-like trade scenario.

ENJOY38 PTSH39 -AG 2012 Track-Record April: Gives 295% in Total Gains. 30Proof March: Gives 196% in Total Gains. 31Proof February: Gives 627% in Total Gains. 32Proof January: Gives 285% in Total Gains. 33Proof Disclaimer Upon receipt of this email, you acknowledge that you have read our Disclaimer:

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Actual Investments, LLC | Financial District | New York, NY 10011

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