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Ningbo City Education Bureau Director Shen Jianguang (left) and Germany signed a cooperation agreement. (picture)Ningbo City Education Bureau deputy director Chen Wenhui (right) to listen to the report. (picture)Ningbo is a typical port city, has been identified as countries of the logistics node city, the development of the logistics industry is the foundation and condition to be richly endowed by nature. Municipal Party committee, city hall on LogisticsIndustryThe development very seriously, the logistics industry as the our city the focus of future development of the modern service industry of.Ningbo logistics industry vigorous development, need a large number of high-quality logistics talents. By the Ningbo School of adult education was responsible for the construction of modern service industry in Ningbo city public occupation training platform (referred to as modern service industry training platform ), now with a number of domestic and international first-class training institutions and colleges to cooperate, the our city cultivate high-quality applied logistics personnel, and promote modern logistics industry science the development has the positive significance and far-reaching impact.Zhou Hao Dong HuijieLogistics industry talent bottleneck Logistics , is now in Ningbo s economic development one of the popular vocabulary, not only because of the implementation of national marine economic development strategy for the city to bring great opportunity. The port is the largest dominant position of Ningbo, one of the core connotation of marine economy development is the development of port logistics, municipal Party committee puts forward six up the strategy is decision-making, the first is accelerate build international strong harbor .Ningbo logistics industry and the rapid development of prospect, in urgent need of a large number of high-quality professionals in logistics. In recent years our shipping industry hardware construction is successful, however, in soft environment construction still is put in difference, an important reason is the logistics industry personnel structure and the international advanced port differs very far. The city has a total of more than 4000 logistics enterprises, logistics talents in Ningbo overall situation is worrying, mainly is gross small, team structure aging, aftereffect is insufficient, according to in the next few years the our city development of the logistics industry logistics professionals prediction, breach amounts to about 100000 people, especially with the concept of modern logistics, familiar with logistics operation, and proficient in related fields of compound talents and skilled talents. Greatly influenced by Ningbo logistics industry and the rapid development of.Practical logistics talent shortage, but the existing Ningbo education and training system cannot meet the needs of. Logistics talent is a special set of technical and management as one of professional talents. Only rely on the existing colleges and universities to cultivate students, can not meet the needs of the development of modern logistics industry. The cultivation of talents but also a short duration of time and matter, need strong financial backing, is also an enterprise can accomplish.The German training system for solving difficult problemsTo accelerate our city cultivate various types of high-quality talents, city hall is sent (2008) 86 date file put forward to build 2 covers advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry public occupation skill training platform. Ningbo countryman economy and social development Twelfth Five Year Plan in put forward clearly accelerate the development of high-end training market, promote the advanced manufacturing industry and service industry public occupation skill training platform construction , Ningbo City Education twelfth five year development plan put forward build advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry two public occupation training platform .In 2011 September, the Ningbo City Department of Education issued on the issuance of Ningbo city public occupation training platform construction to carry out the announcement of plan , officially launched in Ningbo city public occupation training platform construction, identified by the Ningbo City adult education school is responsible for the modern service industry training platform construction and management, the introduction of domestic and foreign first-class training institutions, to carry out for modern service industry of urgently-needed high-level personnel training, including high-end logistics personnel training.As early as in 2011 April at the European Ningbo week , director of the Education Bureau of Ningbo Shen Jianguang and the German city of Hamburg education management and talent Coordination Association ( KWB ) general manager Hansjerg Rutek representing Ningbo and Hamburg signed logistics training cooperation framework agreement. In May the same year, KWB China Representative Office in Ningbo, deputy mayor Wang Renzhou and director Shen Jianguang attended the inaugural ceremony.KWB is part of the Hamburg City Hall economy and labor department, its function is to European countries and government agencies in the Hamburg metropolitan national occupation education development innovation scheme, development and implementation of occupation education innovative project, for the enterprise to cultivate high-quality talents, promote the development of human resources.KWB China representative office set up in Ningbo City adult education school, the future represents Hamburg City Hall co-ordination have operations in China, including and the city in the logistics industry and personnel training in the field of cooperation, from Ningbo to introduce world-class German logistics personnel training system, to the German standard training of logistics talents in Ningbo, will greatly promote Ningbo logistics personnel training and the international advanced level of standards.Platform logistics training center set sailIn view of the logistics industry in the development of Ningbo modern service industry in an important position, the modern service industry and training platform firstly set up a logistics training center, started the cooperation with KWB first project Germany senior logistics personnel and teachers training class . In March this year to send 23 of my organization of logistics enterprises in senior management and Logistics Specialty in Higher Vocational College Teachers Training in germany.Training and achieved very good results, the follow-up effects continue to appear. After returning home, the students have in their use of German learn from, in light of the enterprises, institutions and the Ningbo logistics industry situation, in-depth thinking, the exploration of Ningbo logistics industry transformation development and new mode of talent training, some creative new project is brewing in Germany for planning, advanced logistics technology Ningbo localization output.In April of this year, Europe (ELA) logistics system certification report seminar in friendship hotel. Ningbo City Education Bureau deputy director Chen Wenhui and other leaders of Ningbo CityDevelopment and Reform CommissionService industry general director of general office Ye Zhengfu attended the meeting, listened to the KWB s hamburger harbor training academy dean Mr Art in Ningbo on the introduction of the European Logistics certification system and train of thought.European Logistics Association ( ELA ) is Europe s oldest, largest, and most advanced ideas and the most authoritative logistics alliance, ELA logistics certification system on a global scale has a broad influence, received numerous recognition of Multi-National Corporation, and has become an international logistics and supply chain management areas of the most authoritative certification. After hearing the report, deputy director Chen Wenhui expressed full agreement with Mr. Art s suggestion, Ningbo is now a need to learn from and rely on the international advanced occupation education philosophy and practice, to promote the Ningbo occupation education and training level, and better for the economic construction of Ningbo service, hope that the modern service industry training platform and the German side as soon as possible to implement the relevant work. Ride the wind and waves will sometimes, white sea Ji yun-fan . In Germany both sides cooperates closely, joint efforts, platform logistics training center set sail. Hope that after several years of construction, platform logistics training center can become a Sino-German cooperation in education model, a national first-class logistics training base.News linksCity adult education school hosts the global economic crisis Ningbo Logistics Development Forum Explore new mode of talent training promote medium and small micro logistics enterprisesDaily News (Dong Huijie) on June 16th ~17 days, by Ningbo city modern service industry public occupation training platform to host, Ningbo City Adult Education School and Ningbo winner logistics technology limited company to undertake jointly under the global economic crisis Ningbo Logistics Development Forum (a) small and medium-sized international logistics enterprises development road in the money Huyue Zhuang the hotel is held ceremoniously. From Ningbo international logistics company executives, Ningbo college logistics expert adds up to more than 50 people attended the.The crisis in the global economy, China s enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, under great pressure for survival. In order to solve the common problem of logistics enterprises, the modern service industry and training platform by Hosting Forum manner, small and medium-sized international logistics enterprise development road is the first series of forum.The content of the forum include both industry development, training and research, including the personnel training pattern research. Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor Zhao Yifei, Ningbo University maritime college professor Yu Haihong, consulting group core lecturer Sun Jianguo, Zhejiang UTS lawyer Pan Zhiliang is small and medium-sized international logistics enterprises development, Germany advanced logistics mode, enterprise management andLawAffairs and so do special subject lecture. Also held the international logistics personnel training mode seminar, from Ningbo logistics industry operators and from the university educators to elaborated personal ideas, launched the collision of ideas.Logistics operators say, industry development, talent is fundamental, no strong talent support, development is an empty talk. From Ningbo international logistics enterprises to the talent use reflect circumstances, the prevalence of personnel training to meet the needs of enterprises, can not be too frequent personnel flow and other problems, greatly influences the development of the industry, the enterprise looks in the eye, anxiously at heart, strong hopeThe Ministry of EducationThe door to reform the current mode of personnel training, to better adapt to the development needs of industry, many enterprises are offered together with the education sector, in the cooperation in personnel training, explore the new personnel training mode as soon as possible, for the majority of Ningbo international logistics enterprises solve employment problems.Logistics education, the logistics industry is a very complex services, 70%~80% is on the development of talent. In the current economic crisis in the tide, Ningbo local entrepreneurs not only need to fight, but also to learn to talent cultivation and transformation. In the logistics personnel training, experienced in Germany after training educators that can draw lessons from the German dual system , and play industry itself to education.Attend a seminar in Ningbo City Education Bureau deputy director Chen Wenhui thinks educators and managers can face to discuss personnel training problem is very good, hope that the two sides use the forum results to solve practical problems. In the logistics operators and logistics educators of the mentioned the talent problem, see the importance of talent training. To this end, Ningbo City Adult Education School and Ningbo winner logistics technology limited company cooperation to build big winner logistics personnel training base , jointly explore try new international logistics personnel training mode based on the industry platform for the logistics personnel training system of life tenure , this is Ningbo logistics personnel training the beneficial attempt.

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