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Cement ceilings and exposed brick walls form a backdrop for – Houzz

Architect Lukas Kordik‘s vision for his apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia, centered on three things: working with the existing structure, removing walls and barriers, and creating a simple, open space. But explaining his vision to his construction team was another story. “They didn’t know why I wanted to leave the concrete vaulted ceilings and brick walls exposed after they were cleaned. They’re used to plastering over everything,” he said.

Eventually, Kordik’s team got it right. What was once a “sad and strange space” is now a light-filled industrial apartment that works perfectly for him.

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Lukas Kordik
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Size: 516 square feet
Design challenge: Convincing the construction workers to leave the ceiling and brick walls exposed



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