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DHL launches door-too-door Asia-Europe service | Air Cargo World …

DHL launches door-too-door Asia-Europe service

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, has introduced its multimodal DHL Door-To-More distribution service on shipments from the Asia-Pacific region to Europe. The service, which streamlines Customs clearance and simplifies the supply chain, integrates DHL s global airfreight capabilities with its European ground network, according to a press release.

Amadou Diallo, CEO of DHL Freight, said DHL Door-To-More provides customers with a competitive advantage by expediting the shipment of goods. Plus, he said, A web-based application enables easy booking and shipment preparation and provides end-to-end shipment transparency down to piece level.

Customers can also maintain close watch of their shipments and the associated costs, thanks to DHL Door-To-More s single billing service and tracking-and-tracing capabilities. Such functions help lower import costs, as well as carbon emissions, according to Ingo-Alexander Rahn, head of global airfreight at DHL Global Forwarding.

In the press release, the company explained that DHL Door-To-More was originally designed to address of the demand of clients working in the technology sector who provide direct distribution services.

DHL President and Global Head of Technology Rob Siegers shed more light on this rationale, stating that the technology industry, with its high pace of innovation and short product cycles, requires cost-efficient and flexible supply-chain solutions. The concept of direct distribution from manufacturing to end customers improves the time to market at minimum inventory cost and reduces the number of handover points.

DHL Door-To-More is currently available to shipments from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore to more than 50 destinations across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, according to the press release. DHL plans to introduce the service on additional outbound gateways in the near future.

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