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European Biofuels Technology Platform stresses benefits of Bio-CC

Biomass Power & Thermal
By Erin Voegele
June 22, 2012

The European Biofuels Technology Platform published a report in June that addresses the potential to couple carbon capture and storage (CCS) with biofuel and biomass heat and power technologies. The report, titled Biomass with CO2 Capture and Storage (Bio-CCS), asserts that Bio-CCS is the only large-scale technology that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere, as it combines sustainable biofuel and bioenergy production with CCS, leading to carbon negative products. This type of process is already underway in the U.S. at an ADM ethanol plant.

Additional key findings uncovered by the report note that the biofuels industry in Europe could provide low-hanging fruits for early, low-cost CCS deployment. In addition, the EBTP said in the report that studies have indicated Bio-CCS cold remove 10 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year by 2050 using available, sustainable biomass. In Europe alone, 800 metric tons of carbon dioxide could be captured per year.

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