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Started in 2001 in 3 languages, in 2004 company establised with no employees (ongoing) in 5 languages. Upgraded with new graphics, and new services in 2010. So basicly it is 10 years old, with 8500 members mainly from European countries. aprox 50-100 load offers per day, and aprox 6.000 subscribers to loads, and trucks (70% vs 30%), publlished as freight forwarders and carriers by countries of interests.
It has its own mailling software (each registration, each offer, and also for manually choosen advertising in all languages. It is possible to add more languages. Rate of new members and visitors is increased, but with lack of time (both fully employed elsewhere 100% + kids at home) we are selling the sites.
Freight exchange is currently run on 4 domains co.uk, .net, .si, and .es which are included in the price. Also continuation support will be granted to the buyer. But still you need some staff for promotion. Aprox 2000-3000 members are also included in Bench marketing mailling software (till the end of the year, its suitable for promotion purposes).
Buyer will get:
Full support by us, 3 e-mails (can create 10+), 4 domains, Manager access, access to the hosting provider, bench marketing access, Facebook access to CT group, created only for 1 language (so far) with 70 members etc.

Traffic Details

Aprox 20.000-30.000 per month. Mainly from Spain, Slovenia, Romania, UK, poland, France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, USA, Americas (south) + Mexico etc.
Visitors speak Languages: Spanish + English= 85%.
Buyer will get full access to Google analitics, Stat counter analitics, and general statistic.

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