Logistics And Frieght Forwarding

Freight Forwarding Services – Helping Businesses Move Forward

The movement of goods from one place, city, state, country or continent to another place, city, state, country or continent is commonly known as freight forwarding. As the name clearly implies, a freight forwarding service is employed by companies or businesses that need to move, deliver or transfer goods throughout the world. The freight forwarding services are also the backbone of the international or multi-national export and import industry. A freight forwarding company or service acts as a mediator or a bridge between a client and various transportation services. In order for products or goods to get physically transferred from one international destination to another, they go through several carriers and several legal processes of many different countries.

Since there are many countries and many different types of custom and international laws involved, it takes a considerable amount of logistic understanding between custom officials and border patrol and the freight forwarding service to comply with and follow all the international laws and regulations put in place.

This huge burden of dealing with so many different laws and regulations of different countries is smoothly and efficiently dealt by the freight forwarding company so that the goods can successfully reach their intended destination. Usually, a freight forwarding company also provides its services as a clearing agent to help clients understand the necessary requirements of different custom and trade laws of different countries.

The freight forwarding industry mainly gets its business from businesses or companies that want to transport their goods and then helps them out by linking them to the companies that offer the best transport services at the most affordable rates.

A freight forwarding company differs from a freight broker because a freight broker does not accept the responsibility if handling the goods being transported, while a freight forwarding company oversees the entire process of transportation right from picking up the consignment form the clients premises to loading it aboard the ship, train or airplane. The freight forwarder assumes every responsibility of transporting the goods from the point of origin to the point of destination. To complete the entire process smoothly and in one go, the freight forwarding company places itself in the shoes of the client by understanding the requirements communicated by the client and secondly be living up to the promises and commitments made by itself.

To the outsider and the untrained eye, freight forwarding might seem like a process that involves picking up a package and dropping it off at the destination. Well, this is true in some cases, but when it comes to international shipments, the responsibility of the freight forwarding company multiplies by many folds as it has to make sure that the goods are delivered to the destination that might be in a country that is situated thousands and thousands of kilometres away. This type of complicated shipping is called cargo shipping.

Freight forwarding services play a very important part in creating a positive image of a company by delivering goods on time to the customers, so when it comes to choosing a company to handle this type of work for you, it is advised that youchoose wisely.

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