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Our featured freight forwarder today is Melbourne based Bluefreight Pty Ltd1.

Every day, individuals and companies throughout Australia and across the world rely on Bluefreight to seamlessly move their freight around the globe. With a wealth of experience in facilitating international shipping and a large global network of shipping agents, Bluefreight handles everything from international air freight to part and full container loads of sea freight, consolidations and project cargo, as well as boutique services, such as car and boat shipping.

Bluefreight was formed 10 years ago by a few Customs Brokers, who wanted to better service their clients needs. With a global commercial and IT background, Richard Dexter was brought into the business to establish its global presence. Of the original team, Warren Worswick, a Customs Broker of over 30 years experience and Richard Dexter remain the sole owners of Bluefreight.

Today the company boasts extensive industry knowledge and an expertise in freight forwarding and the business is still growing. Richard notes, We ve seen a huge boom in infrastructure, large-scale construction projects and what you might call dirt out of the ground activities in Australia. This has driven the demand for importation of large-scale plant and machinery the sort of heavy and out-of-gauge equipment which our project cargo services are designed to handle. The business has also responded to the trend for companies to outsource non-core services wherever possible by moving into 3PL (Third Party Logistics). Says Richard, We ve just opened a new warehouse from which we re offering full 3PL services. We ve equipped this business with state of the art technology which enables clients to log in via the internet to place orders, view their inventory and more.

Being an owner-operated business, Bluefreight offers specialist expertise, rapid decision-making and a personal touch. They aim to deliver optimal value and a high quality, dependable service. Says Richard, We handle shipments into Australia from all over the world. We have an office in Hong Kong and we re active in China too, and ship from there to Europe, the USA and Canada. It s a global business, with a personal perspective, where every client counts.

Like many company bosses, Richard is acutely aware of the challenges presented by an unsettled global economy and the need to protect investments and maintain relationships through difficult times. Like so many in the CCL community of friends and associates, he is an enthusiastic networker, who recognises as we do the immense value in getting face-to-face to reinforce existing relationships and develop new alliances.

The experts at Bluefreight have produced a comprehensive e-book entitled The Complete Guide to Importing in Australia . This is available to download free of charge from here2. If you want to know more about Bluefreight s services, you can contact Richard Dexter on +613 9229 4459 or
email him at richard@bluefreight.com3.


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