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International logistics company is held to celebrate seven one and …

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  • Posted June 27, 2012 at 11:35 pm

The the Great Wall of Handan in June 27 report (Liu Zhenshan Li Ling Liu Wenbo) on June 26th afternoon,Jizhong energy(000937,SharesInternational logistics company) held to celebrate seven one and a good in recognition of the general assembly in the form of celebrating the 91 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of china. Party members and cadres and the masses of workers more than 100 people attended the.The company secretary of the Party committee, general managerLi JianOn behalf of the company Party committee to allegiance by commending advanced collective and advanced individual express enthusiastic congratulation and great respect, to the hard work of the company on all fronts of Party organizations at all levels and all Party members and extend festive greetings and cordial greetings! Comrade Li Jianzhong reviewed a year since the party building work in learning type party organization construction, a good, capture the flag, for star enterprise culture, party conduct Lianzheng, cluster of work and achieved excellent results, and in Jizhong energy group, comprehensively implement the chairman Wang to all the cadres and workers of the letter climax during, and company Party committee to carry out three three project of key period, as well in the second half of the year and even henceforth a period of party work demands. One is the combination of a letter the spirit, to promote each job has new breakthrough and new progress; two is deepening the study party organization to construct, to create a strong learning atmosphere; three is the development of a good, capture the flag for stars, efforts to establish a high-spirited spirit; four is to be bear, the difficulties, the successful completion of the work of the early tasks. Party organizations at all levels and all Party members to be commending advanced collective and individual learning, continue to carry forward the fine tradition of the party, always do not forget the glorious mission, based on their posts, the courage to act, the difficulties, with excellent performance to the seven one and the eighteen big sacrifice ceremony!Conference on a good advanced collective and individual awards.After the meeting, company Party committee is held in order to Ode to the party as the theme to celebrate seven one the singing contest. Key word.Seven one, commending, international logistics

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