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International Shipping Rates

We have received a lot of requests since we launched to add a lower cost option for international shipping. We were planning on waiting to make this announcement to coincide with the release of regional maps of Europe plus street-level maps of London and Paris in the next couple weeks but I just couldn t wait to share the good news.

When it comes to international shipping you get what you pay for. With the new cheaper method here are your current options for shipping outside of the US:

  • USPS Pros: Way less expensive Cons: No reliable tracking, unpredictable delivery time
  • FedEx Pros: Reliable tracking, predictable delivery times. Cons: 3-5x as much as USPS

Note: You will still have to pay the customs fee for your country regardless of shipping method.

I thought it might be helpful to provide a quick reference estimates for the new USPS rates to some popular shipping destinations for our journals so far:

Country Memo Journal
Australia $4.56 $8.46
Canada $3.30 $4.05
UK $4.56 $8.46
France $4.56 $8.46
Netherlands $4.56 $8.46

Stay tuned for more international announcements to come

Ready to take advantage of the shipping? Start here1.



  1. ^ Build a Journal (boundforanything.com)

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