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Jizhong energy international logistics companies through the …

Jizhong energy international logistics companyThrough the nationalAAAGrade of coal enterprise credit grade evaluation in the fieldJune 25th,Jizhong energy(000937,Shares) international logistics company in the 20 floor conference room of national AAA grade credit rating site evaluation of coal enterprises. The executive director of the company, general manager, Party committee secretaryLi JianZhong and company leaders and heads of departments participated in the evaluation.The national coal enterprise credit grade evaluation of work every three years one time, grade is divided into 3A, 2A, A, B, C five grades. The evaluation of the group by the China Coal Industry Association industry coordination office director Yin Zhaoxiang, United Credit Management Limited analyst Guo Guiqing and Hebei Province Coal Industry Association three experts.Evaluation on the meeting, the evaluation group listened to company in 2011 the production management and the integrity of construction and other aspects of the introduction. Grouping financial to the company and for the management of the scene, a review of data and information, by controlled evaluation of standard 38, points one by one, found out the problem of existence and inadequacy, put forward to improve opinion.After the material supplement and perfect, evaluation group about comprehensive evaluation. Evaluation group fully affirmed the company in a short span of one year s achievements, the company high starting point, business development is rapid, show a strong momentum, especially in the risk prevention and control to do well. Through to the customer and the investigation of the local industry, evidence-based, reflect the integrity of the company is very good, according to the standard review and scoring points, gained full marks 29, 9, and the expected results, site evaluation to the 3A standard, to be programmed to confirm, publicity, awarded a certificate.Company executive director, Party committee secretary, general manager Li Jianzhong to the evaluation of a group of hard work expressed heartfelt thanks to the evaluation group, pointed out the problem carefully rectification, make the work standard.In accordance with the procedure, the results of evaluation result is expected to be released late in November.(Li Deku, Li Guiying)

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