Logistics And Frieght Forwarding

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1. Consult on Initial Logistics Contracting Strategy
2. Develop, Execute, and Administer Freight Forwarding Agreements
3. Develop, Execute, and Administer Customs Brokerage Agreements
4. Develop, Execute, and Administer Spare Parts Transportation Agreements
5. Develop, Execute, and Administer Long Lead Equipment Transportation Agreements
6. Develop, Execute and Administer Marine Service Agreements
7. Develop/Review Logistics Scope of Work
8. Communicate project specifications for equipment and material preservation, packing and handling

Freight Forwarding:
1. Identify and scope Freight Forwarding Requirements for the Project
2. Develop and Manage Work Orders related to Freight Forwarding for the Project
3. Identify and optimize cargo routings
4. Schedule cargo movements from origin to destination
5. Validate freight forwarding agreement invoices against goods received
6. Monitor Key Performance Indicators for freight forwarding service providers
7. Review and approve EPC Logistics Plans

Customs Clearance:
1. Establish policies and processes for Customs Clearance and Importation
2. Maintain country-specific import/export processes for physical movement and data flow of material within customs importation guidelines
3. Develop and Manage Customs Power of Attorney documents

1. Conduct and evaluate route survey
2. Identify and quantify infrastructure improvement opportunities that, unless corrected, could adversely impact the project schedule for delivery of equipment and materials at final destination
3. Heavy Haul shipments up to 200MT
4. Receiving, warehousing and issuance of material
5. Sequencing of Spare Parts Commissioning and 2 year Operating
6. Work jointly with Construction to oversee module/structure transport in/out of fabrication yards

1. Develop processes for physical movement of equipment and material as well as data flow
2. Manage supply chain delivery between project and drilling
3. Project material and equipment expediting
4. Communicate project specifications for equipment and material preservation, packing and handling
5. Manage material tracking “in transit” through receipt at job site
6. Coordinate and monitor multiple EPC shipping requirements
7. Confirm ship dates and cargo readiness dates
8. Long Lead Equipment and Spare Parts Transportation

5 years of Procurement experience
Intermediate to Expert Equipment and Materials Logistics Skills including Contracts, Customs, Traffic, and Expediting
Strong analytical, leadership, negotiation and communication skills
BA/BS Preferred

Daily direct procurement supervision will not be available when located overseas or rotating; therefore additional requirements are as follows:

Must be a self-starter and able to work in a virtual organization
Ability to oversee and monitor EPC Contractor logistics activities including track/monitor key equipment and material movements

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