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Olympic Games 2012 Pose Logistics Challenges

Olympic Rings and Tower BridgeFor businesses in London and throughout the United Kingdom, the Olympic Games promises to bring a bonanza of commercial activity that has never been enjoyed on the British Isles.

The eyes of the world will be focused upon England.

Beneath the veneer of the Games, however, life and commerce must go on. Goods need to flow in and out of the City of London, and throughout the UK. Global trade continues. Terms of contracts must be fulfilled.

Within this extraordinary beehive of activity, it will fall upon the laps of logisticians around the world to craft contingency plans, in order to minimize any negative impacts that the Games might impart upon the efficient flow of goods and services.

A number of resources have been offered to assist freight forwarders in meeting these challenges. There are five weeks to go before the Opening Ceremonies, and for many a plan made now is likely too, little too late. But for many more players in the supply chain in and around the UK, it is now time to finalize those contingency plans.

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Olympics Delivery Trolley

Olympics Delivery Trolley

Earlier this month, Materials Handling World Magazine1 urged its readers to plan their journeys during the Games:

The Olympic Games run from 27 July to 12 August, and the Paralympic Games from 29 August until 9 September. Temporary changes will, however, be introduced on London s road network from mid-July.

European operators are also being urged to log on to TfL s Freight Journey Planner at www.tfl.gov.uk/2012freight which calculates the most appropriate route from any junction of the M25 motorway which surrounds London to destinations within the city. Operators should also talk to their UK customers to find out if they have any special delivery instructions in place during the Games, and consider making deliveries or collections out-of-hours when Games road restrictions are lifted.

Ian Wainwright, Road Freight Programme Manager at Transport for London, said: Roads in central London and around venues will be exceptionally busy during the Games. TfL is making every effort to ensure that European operators are aware of, and can comply with, the changes that will be made to London s roads this summer but it s really important that they plan ahead to familiarise themselves with the road restrictions and how to avoid any disruption to their usual journeys.

Natalie Chapman, the Freight Transport Association s Head of Policy for London, said: Operating in London will be particularly challenging this summer. UK based freight and logistics companies have been well briefed on the changes, but it is equally important that companies sending vehicles and drivers into the UK from the continent are also fully prepared. So wherever you are based, if you are servicing customers in London over the Olympic and Paralympic period, FTA would urge everyone to use the wealth of information available to ensure they get Games ready.

Although open to general traffic, temporary changes along the Olympic Route Network and Paralympic Route Network (ORN/PRN) will mean parking and loading suspensions, and there will be road closures for events including the Torch Relay, Marathons and the Cycle Road Races. There will also be temporary traffic management measures in place around the Olympic and Paralympic venues which include not only the Olympic Park in East London but Games venues across the capital and the UK.

In addition to TfL s free workshop programme, a leaflet in four languages Dutch, French, German and Polish offering advice and information to freight operators making deliveries or collections during Games time will be distributed on some cross-Channel services, at ports and at Eurotunnel.

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has published an excellent and comprehensive Customs and Freight Forwarding Guide (March 2012) which contains a wealth of information:

The London 2012 Customs and Freight Forwarding Guide (Imports and Exports) offers official sponsors, contractors, members of the Olympic and Paralympic Families and other organisations a reference tool for importing and exporting equipment and supplies to and from London and other venues for use in connection with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In particular, this guide outlines the relevant UK Customs regulations, freight policies and shipping procedures. For ease of understanding, an import and an export are defined as goods coming into the UK from or leaving to go to countries outside the European Union; these are usually referred to as third country goods.

Download the 75-page Customs and Freight Guide PDF by clicking here 2

Transport for London offers terrific advice regarding deliveries and collections, as well as a broad range of logistics activities. This valuable site, and associated additional PDF documents may be accessed by clicking here 3

Another great resource for businesses and travelers is Get Ahead of the Games. It provides timely news and updates for spectators and businesses, including business case studies. This site may be accessed by clicking here 4

Working in and around the Games is bound to be chaotic. But it doesn t have to ruin your livelihood.

Finish your plans now, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Here is a short video that is offered by Get Ahead of the Games:

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