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Oversized Boat to Ship Overseas? No Problem | 4 Seas …

You may want to ship your boat in addition to your personal effects when shipping overseas. If this is the case, 4 Seas International Shipping, Inc.1 offers you options to get the job done. Even oversized boats are manageable, when you have the right options for shipping.

When you use a high quality international shipping service, you will get to utilize a number of protective options when moving your boat. The boat can be secured to a flat rack and then lashing, lumber, cable and heavy gauge strapping are used to secure the boat to the rack.

It s also recommended that you use shrink wrap around the boat to protect it from any other possible bumps and movements.

Roll trailers are another possibility when it comes to shipping oversized boats, as well as average sized marine craft.

Talk to 4 Seas International Shipping, Inc. now2 to learn more. Your oversized boat can be shipped without incident when it s properly packaged for the long trip.


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