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Good morning readers and welcome new subscribers! Earlier this morning we sent you our report on PTSH1, a full service logistics and transportation company. PTS, Inc. subsidiary Navistar Global Logistics (UK) Ltd is an international logistics freight forwarding company with high quality warehousing in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and at all ports and airports, and with north American alliance Starbase Global Logistics.

Just minutes ago, PTSH2 issued yet another juicy press release that is sure to draw some extra attention! PTS, Inc. (PTSH3) 3 Significant & Major Contracts/Developments 06/26/12 – PTS, Inc. (PTSH4) subsidiary Navistar Global Logistics Ltd (Navistar) is pleased to announce three major projects underway.

Navistar is in its final stages of the integration of a global e-commerce platform which is now in beta testing. They expect to be ready for a full launch in August to meet the season`s deadline for 1st September. This is already an established business and the company is expanding in a scalable solution for maximum success so that clients will lead to a global ecommerce solution.

Navistar is also in final stages of project managing their computer replacement across their factory and offices. This contract is with a major automotive manufacturer with whom we have existing relationships which. Navistar has over 4000 computers and other peripheral equipment that will stage and deliver at sites. Each location as required will be required to install and remove old equipment. This project will be ongoing for about a year as equipment will be continuously updated. This company is also linked to a major Computer company.

In addition, with the same customer mentioned, Navistar will also be providing auto spare parts replenishment program for their previous models. They will be integrating computer inventory, ordering systems and management programs so we can provide same day or next day delivery both nationally (Euro zone) as well as worldwide.

CEO, John O`Brien comments further, “Currently we are integrating a national distribution for a point of sale program for brand name companies and department stores across the UK. Our company was successful as we are able to provide integrated transport and distribution for next day timed deliveries across the UK. We have onsite personnel and dedicated vehicles assigned to this program.

The main criteria was that we are able to deliver on the time and day required so that all stores simultaneously have all the same point of sale and product information at the same time.” More updates will follow shortly.

You can read the full press release 1here.

The fundamental growth estimates and recent contracts have us all very interested in the potentials of PTSH5 especially at current prices. PTSH6 has stated September as a key time for business plan execution and a more easily justifiable valuation that should appreciate immensely as they hit their numbers and provide services. There is so much to like about this plan. Make sure to acquaint yourself with the 2Navistar PDF for full service details and to read over previous press releases.

Make sure you`re watching PTSH7 today! Disclaimer (image only):

We have been compensated seven thousand dollars for this PTSH8 advertisement.

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