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June 26th, 2012

Source Lloyds Loading List Published on 25 June 2012

The European Commission has launched a new video promoting Marco Polo funding for new modal shift projects; for which 60 million is still available. The initiative funds projects which shift freight from road to sea, rail and inland waterways and also provides grants to help companies find ways of improving loading volumes from semi-trailers. Companies involved include Brittany Ferries for its direct short sea shipping route connecting Santander and Bilbao in Spain with Portsmouth in the UK, amounting to a modal shift of 2.115.312.147 tkm. So, on the one hand Europe is giving away money to reduce road transport, but on the other hand the UK s rail regulator (ORR) says it is prepared to allow up to 10% of traffic in certain industrial sectors to drift back onto the road network as a result of its new rail access pricing regime.


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