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Truckers have long been a breed apart. On the road for days; away from their families, rumors and innuendos about a trucker s life have clouded the reality of what a trucker is and how much we depend on them. The world of trucking is a huge industry1 and the need for quality, reliable truckers is on the rise. Many truckers are their own boss and therefore their own businesses. They re required to maintain meticulous records of the weight they carry, the hours they drive and how much money they make and spend. There are many attorneys who specialize in trucking laws and assist truck drivers with the myriad of paperwork they are required to maintain.

Friends on the road

Truckers have always had their own type of Social Media Management2 which basically consisted of a 40 channel CB radio3 installed in their truck. They would talk to each other on the road to alleviate boredom, give and get information on road conditions, traffic alerts and even locations of speed traps. Today, trucks are equipped with an onboard computer, which allows the trucker to instantly receive load and location information, weather and traffic alerts. Along with these, the modern trucker enjoys the advantage of relating to his fellow truckers through the internet.

Truckers meeting place

Sites like operation 18 and mytruckingspace are as popular with truckers as Facebook and Twitter. More and more truckers are connecting with news, relating stories, exchanging ideas and widening their horizons. Truckers are, after all, just regular folks with a demanding and sometimes thankless job; but without them the things we need to carry on our day-to-day lives would be unavailable! Social media connections for truckers are becoming more and more prevalent and are sure to continue to grow.

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