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While you know your market is overseas, that doesn t make it easier to make the leap to shipping internationally. You might avoid this for a while, choosing retailers based in other countries, but the truth is this: when you want to succeed, you need to find an international shipper. 4 Seas International Shipping, Inc.1 wants to change your mind and help your shipping future.

Bad information is often the reason why more companies aren t shipping overseas. Some of the untrue myths about this type of shipping include:

  • It s expensive
  • It takes too long
  • Your products will become damaged
  • There are limited options

With the right international shipper, you can have all of the options you need, the price you want, and the shipping speed your company desires.

Talk to 4 Seas International Shipping, Inc. today2 to learn more. The myths about shipping internationally aren t true when you choose the right shipping partner.


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