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World Economic Forum report, rail freight in Europe and reducing …

June 29th, 2012

by Shippers Digest

Traditional trade negotiation is ill-suited to a global economy criss-crossed by complex supply chains, says the World Economic Forum s latest report by the Logistics & Supply Chain Global Agenda Council.

The overriding theme of the report, which includes a series of papers by 11 members, is the role of logistics in the facilitation of international trade. Topics include logistics clusters, the impact of the expansion of the Panama Canal, the paradigm shift needed in container shipping services and the difficulties of measuring carbon footprint for individual products.

Another paper examines how even basic equipment, such as mobile phones, can be used to create new forms of virtual supply chain which are likely to be transformational , for example, cutting the time required for a port operation by up to 30%.

To download the full report: http://www.shippersdigest.com/2012/06/global-supply-chains-logistics-services-and-international-cooperation/1

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Reducing overall supply chain costs are manufacturing s number one supply chain priority in the coming year, according to IDC Manufacturing Insights 2012 U.S. Supply Chain Survey. Supply chain agility is second and improving product quality and safety is the third most important priority. http://www.shippersdigest.com/2012/06/supply-chain-cost-reduction-is-manufacturings-top-priority/2

Rail freight is a popular topic, with liberalisation in Europe moving forward http://www.shippersdigest.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=7393&action=editand the European Commission has launched a new video promoting Marco Polo funding for new modal shift projects; for which 60 million is still available. The initiative funds projects which shift freight from road to sea, rail and inland
waterways. http://www.shippersdigest.com/2012/06/europe-gives-rail-freight-subsidies-with-one-hand-uk-takes-with-another-video/34

In the UK, the main rail trade union says more than 50% of freight will need to move by rail by 2050 if the country is to meet its emissions targets. http://www.shippersdigest.com/2012/06/britain-must-embrace-rail-freight-to-meet-carbon-reduction-targets-says-union/5


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