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Yesterday was a special day This is Trucking

Yesterday was a special day in a way. It was my 22nd wedding anniversary. Not technically as my own stupidity caused a major riffle in our marriage which resulted in our divorcing each other.

I remember our wedding day well. We were married at a Wedding Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR. There were times that day we actually wondered if it would happen.

At the time we were staying with some family down in AR about a hour drive from Eureka Springs. That morning we decided I needed to run up to Joplin, MO in order to get some money. This was before you could go to any mom and pop ATM and get your cash. At that time they had to be on YOUR banks network. So I loaded my soon to be son, the maid of honors husband and myself into the car and off we went.

The drive to Joplin went without a hitch. The drive from Joplin to Eureka Springs was a whole different matter.

We left outta Joplin with plenty of time to spare. At this point the car decided it wanted to overheat. So we managed to get to the next exit, put a little water in it, let it cool down a bit, drink a 12 pack of beer and eat a pack of Oreo cookies.

The beer was to calm the wedding day jitters.. good enough reason for me. The cookies so I wasn t drinking on an empty stomach.

After we took off my son got sick so we had him hanging out the window puking while we went down these skinny AR roads.

No he wasn t drinking the beer.

We actually finally made it to the wedding chapel. I was about 30 minutes late. My wife to be was thinking I had changed my mind and left her standing at the alter (even though I had her son) And we were in danger of getting cancelled.

You would think that all this was a sign that we shouldn t have gotten married. I just thought it was a sign that this was going to be a great adventure.

The wedding got started and I saw the most beautiful woman in the world coming towards me. Well actually 2 of the most beautiful women in the world but the one was only a little girl at the time.

The pictures didn t do her justice, but they did do a fantastic job of pointing out the Oreo cookie that was stuck on my butt.

I knew why I was getting married at that time. Why I would do some of the self-destructive things I did later is still a mystery to me.

We later divorced each other and I lost a piece of myself. I realized my mistakes, how stupid I was, and was blessed with a second chance. We worked things out and eventually remarried (this time in Vegas , by Elvis ).

She is my best friend in the world. At times she drives me crazy and does some things that I want to slap her for, but I figure that goes both ways so I let it alone. She is my confidant, organizer, soul mate. She gives me a reason to come home and a reason to push every day. She is my wife.

I love you Melanie!!

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