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Zhoushan international logistics Island surfaced :insurance news

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  • Posted June 29, 2012 at 12:20 am

In Zhoushan yellow Zeshan Island, Guangsha Group invested about 3000000000 Yuan in oil storage and transportation project is being stepped up construction. This is to build Zhoushan international logistics of port and shipping logistics is one of the major island project, will greatly enhance the Zhoushan port public transportation capacity of crude oil. In order to buildCommodityInterim storage processing and trading center as the goal, Zhoushan international logistics island is surfaced.Zhoushan international logistics Island depicts the blueprint is, to 2016, realize commodity year trade the forehead 250000000000 yuan, port logistics industry occupies GDP will reach 18%, the Trinity port logistics service system is formed basically, preliminary build internationalization comprehensive pivot port of deep water.To build a world-class comprehensive pivot port, Zhoushan is focusing on the rat Lang Lake Ore Transshipment, greater Pukou container terminal two, six horizontal coal phase two, a number of major projects. The next 5 years, the city will achieve 100000000000 yuan of above port investment.Zhoushan commodities transportation transit capability has become the foreland of the eastpart bibcock . The shipping capacity up to 4523000 DWT, 10000-ton ship accounted for more than half of. Last year, Zhoushan harbor port s cargo throughput of 2.6 tons. Among them, oil and natural gas, iron ore, coal, grain and other commodities import accounted for the 18%, 5%, 6%, 5%.Commodity processing capacity upgrade. Known as sea granary of international grain and oil distribution center in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province is the largest distribution center for grain and oil processing base, has attracted a number of key domestic grain and oil storage and transportation processing enterprises to settle down, annual grain and oil storage and transportation capacity of 1080000 tons, the processing capacity of 1950000 tons.Commodities trading steady growth. China (Zhoushan) Commodities Trading Center opened in January, 2 varieties of the daily average turnover of more than 400000000 yuan. It has attractedShanxi coking coalProducts, Zhejiang, Canada energy and other large enterprises to settle down, there are more than 10 enterprises have the intention to invest in.Economic comprehensive upgrade. Port, maritime, logistics interaction promotes harborIndustryThe chain has gradually formed, shipping, freight forwarding port and continuously expand the business, trade, finance and insurance1, logistics and other related services starting port. Port economy has become one of important pillar of economy of Zhoushan sea.


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