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As foreign trade chain services link Hangzhou with a logistics …

Container terminalMany foreign manufacturers hope to participate in professional exhibitions held abroadNewspaper reporter Zhou LeleLogistics industry is modernIndustryThe economic barometer , the impact of financial crisis, has made the industry feel a chill.Every time I seeChen HuaMing, he was in a state of anxiety : one is due to logistics enterprises involved in the links too, once a part of a problem, will affect the entire logistics chain, or even delay the delivery, on the other hand, for nearly six years, he was sometimes asked himself: the next step, what how to walk? Take the road of specialization For the logistics enterprises, because of the foreign trade enterprises in order to reduce the effect of impact, of course, but the impact, or to look at their own business situation. Chen Huaming, founded six years ago by a freight forwarding company, his current company size has grown to more than 100 employees. This years foreign trade export situation is not good, the upstream business orders also directly affect the logistics enterprise business. Chen Huaming said, the logistics business mainly has two ways: one is business volume decreased dramatically, especially in garment exports as the main source of logistics enterprises enough to eat; second is a difficult recovery of funds, resulting in the tense capital chain.However, even in the big environment is not optimistic about the situation, Chen Huaming the company s turnover or breakthrough growth of 30%: when the founder of the company, I tell myself, to take poor dissimilation way. First, I will put the company as do furniture shipping logistics enterprises, such as Zhejiang has timber resources, and the furniture is rigid demand, export is very wide, over the years we have accumulated hundreds of stable customers, influenced by relatively small. In Chen Huaming s view, it is more affected by the apparel industry for customers to populations of traditional logistics company, and with the rigid demand as the main service targets for the impact of relatively small companies. Small logistics company only international logistics of a link, profit limited, fight risk ability are poor, and I locked the specialized industries, for the furniture factory to provide integration, integration of personalized custom services, to achieve the maximization of profit, also can make their own talent, professional informationCompetitive advantage. Chen Huaming says.From enterprise to service industry “Our company in the traditional market mainly in Europe and America, but now this kind of situation, is still confined to the past to provide single logistics service must do. So, I also actively expand business integration, from enterprise to service industry upgrade. Chen Huaming said, in addition to the traditional logistics business, they can now provide documents, commodity inspection, bank, foreign agents and other extension services, originally required to be trivial link factory processing package, by integrating the implementation of high efficiency and low cost, this kind of mode by the industry chain of many customers.Chen Huaming is also seeking new breakthrough. Logistics enterprise relates to procurement, customs declaration, shipping, customs clearance, sales, furniture export such a complete industrial chain, if can the industry chain to provide service, can make the logistics real door to door . However, the logistics enterprises to truly have the industrial chain integration, to supply chain management to upgrade capacity, must have a strong information service system. Chen Huaming also recently introduced a variety of IT enterprises logistics information technology interest: in the current economic situation is not bright situation, the enterprise must continue to control costs, thin and strong. For example, reasonable allocation of human resources, in the internal network and circuit for integration, realize resource optimize configuration. For example, in vehicle loading further refinement, reduction of vehicle load. But all of these have their own information management system, or else a lot of business to expand. Especially in this difficult situation, we need to use information system to improve company efficiency, achieve a more professional service. Three or four month logistics enterprises the most sad dayThe second half of the year there should be improvement The first half of the year, logistics enterprises is suffering. Zhejiang province international freight forwarding warehousing association secretary-general Ding Tingyu for the development of logistics enterprises in Zhejiang state is almost escape one s lips, according to the introduction, Zhejiang logistics enterprise basic or export to the traditional market mainly in Europe and America, Africa, central and South America these expansionEmerging marketFew enterprises, subject to export downturn, logistics enterprise turnover also declined, which export to Europe the most affected, exports to the United States with a little better. The logistics enterprises should be more than foreign trade companies of the reaction to be postponed for one or two months, three or four months should be the most difficult time, this year, most logistics enterprises on old customers to maintain the volume of business, the new development of customers rarely, I estimate that in the second half of the situation will be improved, especially in the United States of America market. But the real improvement to the end of the year. In Ding Tingyu s view, the enterprise can t take this crisis , and not the size of the problem, the more critical or business strategy, such as the development, eventually falling are likely to be those without strength, non-standard small company, the operation more stable and logistics enterprises, survival without problems, there may even be found in the shuffle in this new competitive advantage of enterprises.Ding Tingyu said, all the time since, international logistics as a service industry, to obtain a proxy price profit pattern, and now, many enterprises have been the original logistics enterprise scope, to continue to inject new business content, more for the enterprise development provides new promotion space: I know, some enterprises in breakthrough in extending service lines, such as the procurement of raw materials, or to third party business transformation, for example, for clients including transport, warehousing, business value-added services, logistics services. “But, can extend the service line ultimately depends on the size of the business. For example, want to expand chemicals logistics line, need talent, office space, and even made some qualification, but these are costs. Ding Tingyu said, the logistics industry foreground is valued, also have the recent policies support, but how to develop is the most suitable for your company s logistics enterprise managers should consider the problem. Some time ago, our association will invite some experts to interpret policies, including the current state in the capital, the introduction of talent, capital (land), for the logistics enterprises preferential tax breaks, wherein, high-speed toll entrepreneurs are most concerned about, and we ll do some follow-up, true for logistics enterprises the development of the role of bridge. Ding Tingyu says.

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