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Austria to invest EUR 15bn in rail infrastructure projects

austria-to-invest-eur-15bn-in-rail-infrastructure-projects_1Austrian Federal Railways’ (?BB) framework plan for the years 2017-2022[1] provides for EUR 15.2 billion investments in rail infrastructure projects. The Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology has submitted the document for approval to the Council of Ministers on 12 October.

EUR 7.7 bn will be directed for the modernisation of railway stations, station rebuilding projects, rail freight terminals, the construction of Park&Ride facilities, for improving mobile data and wireless local area networks, and for reducing the noise level. EUR 6.5 bn will be allocated to expanding the Southern section, and the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

Investments in safety and operations management systems will reach EUR 1 bn.

“With our investments we create value for generations. Every year we earmark about EUR 2 billion for the further expansion of the railway, securing more than 40,000 jobs”, said J?rg Leichtfried, the transport minister. The framework plan provides for investments in all provinces and is a step further to implement the planned network of destinations 2025+

A key objective of ?BB’s framework plan is the modal shift of freight from road to rail. “A strong rail network makes railways more attractive for freight transport.

In addition, the expansion of the cargo terminal in Wolfurt and Freight Centre Vienna creates important hubs for rail freight transport”, Leichtfried added.

According to the plan, approximately, EUR 170 million will be invested in the development of Wien S?d, Wels, Wolfurt and Linz terminals.


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