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Bozena Aviation From The Ground Up

Bozena Aviation From The Ground Up

Bozena Multack is Senior Regional Performance Manager Cargo Operations EMEI for United Airlines Cargo.
She is a striking presence–tall, angular, and in charge as she strides into the lobby of Intercity Hotel in Cargo City SUD Frankfurt for an early morning appointment.
It’s about the purpose and way she moves, and the bright smile that radiates a sense of excitement for the future.
No doubt, we have been wondering how this Poland native made the transition into air cargo.
Right away she makes it clear that her drive–just like her walk–is determined and directed to reaching for the brass ring.
After just a few minutes of conversation, it is quite clear that Boenza is on the ride of her life and enjoying every minute of it.
“I began my career at United Cargo by actually moving over from ULD provider Jettainer,” she said.
“United made a decision after a five-year contract with that company to insource the containers and asked me to join the airline.
“My mission was to put together a logistics group within United to manage all aspects of global ULD activity.
“It was a great adventure and it all took place from UA headquarters in Chicago.
“Working out of Willis Tower, we began from scratch and built a program that we think is a benchmark for the business.
“Those two years were a thrilling experience, developing many new skills while hiring team members and designing processes from the ground up.
“I was able to create something of my very own, something that was meant to drive advantages to the airline and our customers and at the same time I got to broaden my horizons–a very thrilling proposition indeed,” Bozena said.
“Of course, what we accomplished was due to great leadership at UA, but at the same time there was a fantastic level of trust.”

Born To Fly Bozena Multack studied Aeronautical Science at The Embry Riddle University in Miami, Florida.
“I have a minor in aviation safety and also another minor in aviation business, and part of that involved studies in supply chain management,” she said.
“I am also a certified pilot and have about 800 hours in private aircraft.
“Flight training was part of my degree, but I also fly for fun.
“I guess I have always had a love of the airline business,” Bozena smiled.
Bozena Multack is the youngest of nine children in a first generation family that emigrated from Poland to Chicago.
“The one thing Mom and Dad told me is to respect work ethics.
“I was taught from childhood that every job means something, and that has driven my ambition to work and advance both my company and life.
“After completing two years setting up UA Cargo ULD, I decided to shift gears and spent an additional two years working with a team at UA called ‘operations innovation.’
“I worked with an inspired group of people that went from department to department at the airline, first studying procedures, policies, and the like, then searching for improvements,” she said.
Geoffrey and BozenaBased At Cargo City Sud

These days, Bozena Multack is based at Building 579C in the heart of Frankfurt Cargo in Germany.
From that vantage point, she gets a head start in delivering a product offering from UA that is increasingly capturing the imagination of the global shipping public.
Although she doesn’t come right out and say it, at times Bozena serves as a fireman, on the scene to put out any fires that arise anywhere in her service area, which includes Europe, Middle East, or India.
While we talk her cell-phone performs its vibrating “pick me up” dance on the table.
Bozena answers it and says:
“Yes, but the appointment isn’t until 1400 this afternoon,” confirming what sounds like a customer concern appointment later that day.
In any case, as she speaks we get the feeling that nothing is ignored in the shipping process world of Bozena.
Market Savvy Is Key “Knowing the market is key.”
“For example, in Amsterdam the problem might be trucking.

So we rely on our team members to assess the situation and report to us so that we can come up with the solution together.
“From my centralized vantage point, I can move the pieces.
“Interestingly, every case, whether routine or something completely new, adds to the encyclopedia of skills and solutions that can work anywhere else.
“I view our business partners as an extension of myself.
“Their success is my success.
“So if they are doing well, I am too.
“In other words, making things work better always adds up.” Education Is Integral To The Future As for what air cargo can do better, without hesitation Bozena proclaims:
“Cargo is not agile–regulations and a lack of information are the culprits, I think.
“As an industry we to invest in people.
“I would recommend that everyone in air cargo advance their education in all aspects of this business.
“Today there are a multitude of specialized courses being offered both in university and online and also via training specialists that can better equip both current and next generation cargo people to better prepare them to handle the future.
“Study laterally and learn as much as you can about these giant companies driving air cargo and be better equipped through true understanding to advance our industry ahead,” Bozena declares.

Off Time

“I read a lot.

That includes almost anything I can get my hands on, including a good book.
“I stay centered whether on or off the job by mediation at the beginning of everyday, and also as often as needed,” she smiles.
“I love air cargo for its dynamism and vibrancy.
“Here we have opportunity and challenge a-plenty.”

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