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CEE and PCN Network nembers gather in Abu Dhabi

Members to the equipment owners network Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) and the freight forwarder network Priority Cargo Network (PCN) freight gathered at the landmark Hyatt Capital hotel in Abu Dhabi on the 24th of October to conduct the 7th CEE and 5th PCN membership conferences. During the conference new members to the CEE Board of Advisors (BoA) got elected:

  • Mr. Gerd, Illing, Stute Logistics, Germany
  • Mr.

    Kai-Stefan Vogel, Combi Lift, Germany

  • Mr. Jamal V.A., Saudi Arabia.

The CEE management voted for the Picture of The Year 2016 featuring a record transport by Silvasti Heavy in Finland. The image selection was sponsored by Heavy Cargo News.

The Abu Dhabi membership conference was attended by the supporting media representatives from the ITJ magazine, HLPFI and Heavy Cargo News.

A day later the Break Bulk Middle East Exhibition in Abu Dhabi was the centre of attention to the members of the both networks.

Mr. Wolfgang Karau and Mr. Stuart Murdoch, Mrs.
pAlli McEntyre and Mrs. Cara from the Breakbulk OrganizorsMr. Wolfgang Karau and Mr.

Stuart Murdoch, Mrs.

Alli McEntyre and Mrs.

Cara from the Breakbulk Organizors

Amsterdam, in April 2017, will see the both networks members to attend that years annual network membership conferences.

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