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Cops are allowed to use camera drones in Sweden, but you can’t

I’m at the Wall Street Journal‘s WSJ.D Live conference in Laguna Beach, California. The very first speaker at the opening dinner is Netflix[1] CEO Reed Hastings. A few tidbits from his conversation with the Journal’s Dennis Berman[2]:

o The company is fine with the idea of AT&T buying Time Warner[3] as long as HBO’s bits get treated the same as Netflix’s. o The company’s increasingly global scale is reflected in its show Narcos[4], which “is made by a French company in Bogata, Colombia, with a Brazilian star. That’s what we see as the future for us.”

o Netflix currently has 87 million subscribers, but in terms of its aspirations: “How many people use Facebook[5] every day? A billion? We’re tiny!” But “our goal is to make our current customers happy, and then we’ll see how fast we grow.”

o “Fundamentally we’re about eliminating loneliness and boredom . . . that’s what entertainment does.” o He’s excited about The Crown, an upcoming series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. “If you can recognize Winston Churchill’s voice, you will love this show.” o Short term, VR is mostly interesting for gaming. “You do it for half an hour, and you’re exhausted.”

o “We compete against YouTube[6], against Snapchat, against everything you do to relax.” Including board games and sleep.

o People think that Kodak blew it by not getting into digital cameras, but “the fundamental thing that Kodak offered, sharing memories, became Facebook and Instagram.” HM[7]


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