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Cosmic room search prepared FETÖ for July 15 coup bid

According to a new investigation, the coupist Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FET?) was discovered to have attempted to leave Turkey defenseless by revealing thousands of secret documents during the search at the “cosmic room”, the archive room where the military’s top secret files have been held. FET? attempted to expose state secrets, such as the identity of 78 people responsible in all provinces to organize the public in case of any foreign intervention emergency.

The search was conducted in 2009 over a false tip-off saying Turkey’s former Deputy Prime Minister B?lent Ar?n? would be assassinated. As a part of the investigation that was initiated after the tip off, Ankara 11th High Criminal Court Judge Kadir Kayan conducted a days-long search at the ‘cosmic room’ and seized top secret information.

July 15 coup attempt planned in ?ncirlik Airbase: report

July 15 coup attempt planned in ?ncirlik Airbase: report

Turkish ?ncirlik Airbase had been used as the main base for planning the July 15 coup attempt that targeted Turkey’s democracy, government and president killing 241.

Weeks before the deadliest coup attempt, pro-FET? colonels had met with the YPG/PKK terrorists in ?ncirilik Airbase and planned against the interest of the state. The secret meeting was organized by the United States and many NATO members states had joined in the talks. “Before the Manbij offensive began in May, the United States brought to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a coalition that nominally oversees the YPG,” said David Ignatius, the Washington Post’s opinion writer.US support to coup leader G?len is ‘inadmissible’, Putin says The SDF was formed by YPG, which is the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is listed as a terrorist group to Turkey, EU and the U.S. In his article in the U.S. newspaper, Ignatius confirmed that pro-FET? generals, who have met the terror groups secretly, are now in prison for their involvement in the deadliest coup attempt. “Some of the Turkish generals who met the SDF are now said to be in prison as coup suspects,” he writes. ?ncirlik was chosen for the secret meeting because there was no proper supervision facilities due to military confidentiality.

Some civil FET? imams (leaders) had also joined the meeting that high-level military delegates from the U.S., UK, Italy, France and Norway had attended. A recent report on the meeting said that a delegation from Germany was scheduled to join the talks, but could not because of Ankara’s objection against a German parliamentary delegation’s visit to the base. Along with the FET? generals in the base, some pro-FET? generals from other military bases across the country were also invited to the meeting.

FET? a worldwide danger, warns Turkish foreign minister PYD/YPG representatives from Syria had been brought to the base via U.S. military cargo planes. According to the ?ncirlik meeting, Turkey would be run by the coupist FET? members who would not great any obstacles against the West’s plan in Iraq and Syria. A terror corridor controlled by the YPG/PKK group would be formed along Turkey’s southern border and Ankara would not raise its voice against it, the plan included.

It also calculated all accounts on the U.S. agenda in the Middle East and Turkey would become a pawn of Washington. ‘Prepare for a Turkey without an Erdo?an’ A week after the coup attempt, some Syrian opposition commanders told Yeni ?afak that U.S. military officers urged them to “prepare for a Turkey without [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdo?an”. The pentagon officials also threatened to hit opposition military headquarters and weapon depots, if they resist against U.S. decision. “Make your choice,” the officials told them.

195 dismissed from Turkey’s land and naval forces in FET? probe Moreover, coupist military officer Hasan Polcat, Commander of the 39th Mechanized Brigade, had met 12 times with Americans before the coup in the ?ncirlik airbase. U.S. generals had also assured Turkey’s pro-FET? coupist officers that PYD/PKK terrorists would also support the coup military if they need help to stop public demonstrations in the coup night.

Fugitive ?ks?z also attended meetings Turkish intelligence units confirmed that Adil ?ks?z, one of the leading figure of the coup attempt, had also joined the meetings in ?ncirlik for several times. Adil ?ks?z, the FET? imam responsible for the Turkish military, had been detained in ?ncirlik airbase on July 16 morning, but was released after two hours with a scandal decision from the judiciary. Police are searching for ?ks?z, as he is believed to hide himself either under protection of PYD/PKK terrorist or under U.S. protection.

Security sources also said that he could have fled from Turkey via a U.S. cargo plane from ?ncirlik or by crossing the southern border with the help of PYD/PKK terrorists. Moreover, ?ncirlik Base Commander Brigadier General Bekir Ercan Van had also planned to escape to the U.S. from the base. He had applied for asylum to the U.S. following the coup attempt, but had to surrender to Turkish court when Washington rejected his application.

Security sources said that some FET? members who met the PKK /PYD in the base had also fled to Syria or Iraq and were being protected by the terror groups. According to another report published in Yeni ?afak on Aug 2., a number of FET? members had been injured in Turkey’s military operation in Iraq and treated in the Sema Hospital in Erbil.

Years after the unlawful investigation, another investigation was opened aiming at revealing the role of the people who were involved in this unlawful process. The fresh investigation revealed that the ‘cosmic room’ search was conducted to conquer Turkey’s most intimate details of their missions and battle plans to make the country defenseless against any possible unlawful attempt against the territorial integrity of the country, the peaceful atmosphere and the democratically-elected government.

The coupist FET? organization was also discovered to have copied the memory of the Mobilization Inspection Board and seized all the hidden information between 1970 and 2009. The terrorist organization was also understood as having shared all the top secret information with the United States officials. 25-day-long search at archive

Judge Kadir Kayan, suspected of having close ties with FET?, had conducted a search in the archive room from the date of December 27, 2009 to January 20, 2010, in a response to the General Staff’s warning. The judge has not confiscated any file or taken any document out of the archive room during the search, which has also been attended by at least one military official. The probe began in December 2009, after police received an anonymous call, saying that Deputy Prime Minister B?lent Ar?n? will be assassinated by some military officials.

195 dismissed from Turkey's land and naval forces in FET? probe

195 dismissed from Turkey’s land and naval forces in FET? probe

As many as 195 people were dismissed from Turkish Land Forces Command and Naval Forces Command in Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FET?) probe which was initiated after the July 15 coup bid that targeted the democratically-elected government of Turkey.

Earlier on Friday, 265 people were declared to have been dismissed from Gendarmerie Security Command and Coast Guard.

265 dismissed from Gendarmerie, Coast Guard in FET? probe Turkey has been fighting against the terrorist organization FET? within the country and abroad after the bloody coup bid on July 15 that killed 246 people. To date, a total of 4,134 officers have been dismissed, being accused of being part of the FET?-led failed coup attempt.

As part of the investigation, the Special Forces Command’s top-secret document archive has been searched for 25 days by police officers, believed to be close to Fetullah G?len’s terrorist organization. No ‘concrete and convincing evidence’

On March 11, the Ankara chief public prosecutor’s office decided not to prosecute in the proceeding case during which a number of military officials have been accused of plotting to murder the prominent politician. The prosecutor’s office stated that there is no ‘concrete and convincing evidence’ to move forward with a public case. “Apart from the abstract evidences, no ‘concrete and convincing evidence’ has been gained to move forward with a public case.

So, there is no need to prosecute 38 suspects,” said the prosecutor’s office in its statement.

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