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Emirates lifts the lid on the world’s largest kitchen

Emirates has revealed details of the effort that goes into feeding its 52 million passengers per annum. Everyday 520 chefs produce 180,000 meals – working across 1,548 different menus. It passengers eat 7 million eggs, 210 tonnes of prawns, 8.5 tonnes of lobster, 265 tonnes of salmon, 900 tonnes of pineapple and 100 tonnes of pasta as they cross the globe.

“We carry 50 tonnes of cargo from Ireland every day of the week including shellfish, chocolates and beef. Onboard we carry a number of Irish products including Jameson, Bailey’s and all-natural Killowen Yogurt in First Class.

So there’s a little taste of Ireland heading east every day and Emirates is playing a strong role in supporting the Irish food and drink export market,” said Enda Corneille, country manager for Emirates in Ireland.

250,000 Irish passengers board the Dubai-based airline’s flights each year. The airline revealed that the most popular dish with Irish passengers is beef fillet.

Over the past decade, Emirates has invested more than EUR618 million in wines, some of which will only be ready for drinking in 2025. Its passengers go through 11 million bottles per year.

“Irish people are quite traditional when it comes to choosing their onboard wines,” said Enda Corneille. “We see a lot of Irish customers selecting French wines, especially red Bordeaux or a good Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which has such a global appeal. In general, we find that people are more willing to experiment with their wines in a restaurant or shop, but on board, they prefer to select something they recognise.”

Here’s the full breakdown of what the airline uses each year: 1,200 tonnes of lamb 550 tonnes of beef

65 tonnes smoked salmon 200 tonnes salmon 4,500 tonnes chicken

1,750 tonnes potatoes 600 tonnes rice 7 million eggs

2,500 tonnes flour

17 million croissants 62 million bread rolls 30 tonnes broccoli

450 tonnes lettuce 1,200 tonnes tomatoes 370 tonnes mushrooms

550 tonnes watermelon 377 tonnes grapes 80 tonnes strawberries

765 tonnes apples

460,000 litres of cream

4,745 tonnes of ice cubes

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