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In Pictures: ‘Trip from hell’

A vehicle used to load luggage onto the plane caught fire on Thursday evening in Orlando, Florida and caused damage to the plane’s cargo hold. Two baggage handlers were hospitalised following the incident. No passengers or other staff members were injured.

Orlando Airport suspended all flights on Thursday night, but most traffic has resumed since then. Aer Lingus apologised to passengers who took to social media on Friday to say that their holidays had turned into “the trip from hell”. On Friday, Ed Kidney, who was flying home from Orlando via Manchester, said “It is kind of weird.

I have never experienced extreme weather before. We’ve barely been outside, only to get food. There is nobody on the streets.

“My biggest concern the other day was the fact that Garth Brooks’ concerts got cancelled!

I just feel that I’m not meant to see this man.

He was meant to play yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

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