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Pilot project speeds cargo transport between Frankfurt and Schiphol

A new pilot project between various users of Schiphol airport[1] has sped up the transport of cargo between Germany and the Dutch airport by as much as two hours. As part of the Smart Cargo Mainport Program a data sharing project has been created for shipments between Air France KLM’s Frankfurt facility and Schiphol airport, which speeds up the processing and transport times. Users submit various pieces of data, including Customs information and shipment details, to a central system that allows Schiphol, cargo handlers, truckers, forwarders, shippers, Customs and the airline to plan ahead for the cargo’s arrival.

Speaking at Tiaca’s Air Cargo Forum, KLM Cargo executive vice president & Martinair Holland managing director Marcel de Nooijer said that although the project was still in the pilot phase, it could save around two hours compared with shipments originating from its Frankfurt facility that are not taking part in the pilot. Eventually, other fast trade lanes could be created. The pilot project is being run by a consortium which brings together all sectors of the supply chain and includes Schiphol Cargo, Jan de Rijk Logistics, Swissport, Kuehne+Nagel, importer Fresco Flowers, Cargonaut, and Dutch Customs.

The information is submitted using a cloud-based system and is automatically verified against the applicable Customs regulations and safety standards. “Not only will this support the exchange of administrative data, it will also facilitate the exchange of status information relating to the shipments,” said Schiphol. The pilot project is part of the wider Smart Cargo Mainport Program that brings together the Schiphol cargo community to create supply chain efficiencies.

“This is a tangible innovation push for members of the Schiphol cargo community, aimed at realising efficiencies, reducing costs, and enhancing services,” said Jonas van Stekelenburg, head of cargo, Schiphol Cargo. “The community is putting in the effort, with companies willing to take risks and spend resources, and we are seeing results. “The insight and learning we are gaining from the programme is open to all Schiphol cargo community members and we are seeking more projects and asking for more innovative ideas.”

Added de Nooijer: “We constantly have to deliver value in the hyper-competitive airfreight market. “In the ideal supply chain it is all about co-operation and optimisation of the movement of shipments, both in the air as well as on the ground. Therefore transparency and access to data through digitisation is key.

“The Smart Mainport Program is all about that; to ensure maximum value to our customers and strengthening the ground processes with all stakeholders.

That is the power of innovative co-operation.”


  1. ^ Opens external link in new window (schipholcargoworld.com)

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