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Scania to showcase first Concrete Mixer Trucks For Mexican Market

Scania has set its eyes on the Mexican cement truck mixers market and is ready to display its first cement mixer trucks for the same. The cement mixer truck has been developed as part of a joint venture between McNeillus and Scania[1] Mexico. The truck will be displayed from October 19 to 22 at the Mexican Association of Concrete Industries’ congress in Cancun.

The event holds special status to cement mixer truck manufacturers as it is dubbed as the one of the most important events in cement industry. This will also be the first big joint venture between McNeilus and Scania Mexico. McNeilus is a part of Oshkosh group of companies.

As a part of this collaboration, Scania will be providing the truck chassis while the cement mixer drum will be facilitated by McNeilus. The two have also agreed on a number of other collaborations apart from the 11 mixers and development of a front loader for the purpose of refuse collection. Joao Crema, Sales Director for Scania Mexico, seemed excited about the collaboration with Mcneillus and said, “The aim of this initiative is to continue our work towards integrating more energy-efficient vehicles onto our roads to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

There is a lot of scope for cement mixer trucks in Mexico because of the developing stage the country is in right now. Scania is hoping to that the trucks will be a part of the equipment being used to build the Mexico international airport. Hakan Lionell, Key Account Manager, Scania, said, “This is a very positive project, and it will definitely open the door to further initiatives.

Scania is aiming to reduce emissions by using alternative fuels.

At a global level this is a strategic partnership, and it will translate into excellent business for both companies.”

Source: CarDekho.com[2]


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