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Ukraine Increases Cargo Transit Through Azerbaijan

By Maksim Tsurkov The number of freight cars coming from Ukraine through the territory of Azerbaijan has increased more than four times during 2016, Javid Gurbanov, head of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, told reporters in Baku Oct.

13. He said that in total, Azerbaijan Railways CJSC transported nearly 10 million tons of cargo so far.

“Cargo transportation traffic by rail in Azerbaijan grew a lot,” said Gurbanov. “For example, if the number of freight cars coming from Ukraine was 460 in 2015, their number amounted to more than 2,000 in 2016. We hope to increase this figure and attract more cargoes.” He noted that Azerbaijan updated the fleet of locomotives by 30 percent.

“We bought new electric and diesel locomotives and more than 3,000 new cars, which made it possible to reduce our dependence on the neighboring countries,” Gurbanov noted. “Earlier, we used rolling stocks of the neighboring countries and spent 20 Swiss francs daily per rolling stock and because of that we had red ink on our balance sheet, currently we zeroed it, and even bounced back to black ink.”

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