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Ukrzaliznytsia head cites smear campaign against him, company board

Ukrzaliznytsia Board Chairman Wojciech Balczun has said that there are facts of a smear campaign against him and members of the company’s board. The remarks were made in Kyiv on Tuesday when Balczun spoke at a panel discussion of the new transit strategy, prospects and risks for Ukraine. “The smear campaign against me and the board is not linked to the fact that we are working badly.

It is linked to the fact that we are working well,” he said. Balczun headed Ukrzaliznytsia on June 6, 2016. Earlier he was Board Chairman of Poland’s ???

Cargo. Society and media from time to time criticize his work at Ukrzaliznytsia, often pegging this to his official salary – UAH 463,000 a month. He several times pointed some problems in the operation of Ukrzaliznytsia.

In an interview with Interfax-Ukraine Balczun said tat the scale of problems he faced at Ukrzaliznytsia is enormous.

“I would say that I have not worked so hard before – my working day lasts 14-15 hours,” he said.

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