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Volvo test driverless trucks in the Kristineberg Mine

Image for Volvo test driverless trucks in the Kristineberg Mine

Driverless technology has received considerable attention, not only in passenger vehicles but in areas such as commercial trucking, trains, even yachts and crash trucks. It’s interesting, therefore, to see that Swedish car giant Volvo are testing out a self-driving truck in the Kristineberg Mine, Sweden. The truck will cover a distance of around 7km, and reach depths of 1,320m underground as it navigates that tunnels that service the mine.

“This is the world’s first fully self-driving truck to operate under such tough conditions.

It is a true challenge to ensure that everything works meticulously more than 1300 metres underground,” says Torbj?rn Holmstr?m, member of the Volvo Group Executive Board and Volvo Group Chief Technology Officer.

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