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July 17, 2004


The Karachi Port handled 68,565 tonnes of cargo including 50,115 tonnes import and 18,450 tonnes export cargo during last 24 hours ending at 0700 hours on Friday. The cargo comprised of 32,471 tonnes dry and 36,094 tonnes liquid cargo. Three ships namely Colombo, Hyundai Stride and Nara sailed out to sea during the report period.

Six vessels viz Orient Stride, Hyundai Stride, Danica White, Royal Lady, Jet Tanker and Shamrock Star are currently at the berths. Two ships namely Shamrock Star and Eax Sanctity expected to sail on Friday, while two vessels viz Wester Moon and Jet Tanker are expected to sail on Saturday. Three ships namely Nur Yanbu, Gem Port-2 and Wan Hai-266 due to arrive on Friday, while six vessels viz Warbah, Tamyra, Merkur Lake, Kota Tegap, Leo Lader and BBC Greece are due to arrive on Thursday.


A total cargo volume of 52,259 tonnes including 36,738 tonnes import and 15,521 tonnes export cargo was handled during last 24 hours ending at 0800 hours on Friday.

The cargo comprised of 7,808 tonnes edible oil; 15,827 tonnes iron ore; 7,272 tonnes coal and 21,352 tonnes containerised cargo. Two ships namely CV Fabian Schutle and Al Mariyah sailed out to sea during the report period. A total of three vessels viz MSC California, Riruccia and Kronos are currently at the outer anchorage.

Chemical Carrier Nur Yanbu is due to take berth on Friday.

Three vessels viz CV Camilla, Hotaka Maru and Sinar Sabang due to arrive on Saturday, while another ship MT Hermia is due to arrive on Sunday.


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