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Aerosoft – Dutch Airports Bundle

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Aerosoft - Dutch Airports Bundle

Now available in one package. The sceneries Lelystad, Maastricht-Aachen and Rotterdam which were only available as single sceneries can now be purchased in one box. This complete package allows you to do some Dutch hopping and sightseeing.

Enjoy! Lelystad Airport is 12 feet below sea level, right in the heart of one of the main polders of The Netherlands. Most Dutch civilian flying schools are located here as it’s a brilliant airport for training.

Airport Maastricht-Aachen is a busy regional airport on the Dutch/Belgium/German border. It’s popular with cargo companies and low cost carriers (like GermanWings and RyanAir) because of its location. It is also close to many major cities and industrial centers in the heart of Belgium and Germany.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (also known as Zestienhoven) is the third Dutch airport in passenger numbers and functions as a major regional airport. Though it has limited scheduled flights there still is a lot of general aviation and business traffic. There are also some flying schools teaching here.

During the vacation seasons it also handles a lot of charter traffic.

Aerosoft - Dutch Airports Bundle


  • Airports in great detail, all buildings and installations
  • Impressive use of FSX materials (reflecting windows, solar panels, etc.)
  • Large VFR coverage around the airport with lots of VFR objects (Lelystad and Rotterdam)
  • Sounds (highway, apron bus engines…)
  • Made in compliance to the latest standards, very good frame rates
  • Aerial image coverage up to 15cm/pix resolution
  • All buildings done with full volumetric shadows
  • Full seasonal textures
  • Detailed night lighting (including reflective taxiway markers)
  • Most taxiway and runway lights in 3D
  • Extended manual in English and German
  • Completely compatible with traffic Addons
  • Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services) (Maastricht-Aachen and Rotterdam)

Purchase Aerosoft – Dutch Airports Bundle[1]

Aerosoft - Dutch Airports Bundle


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