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Bulgarian authorities destroyed cargo of Turkish lemons

Bulgarian authorities destroyed cargo of Turkish lemons

According to the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), a batch of Turkish lemons was retained at the Bulgarian border because it contained residues of Biphenyl and Chlorpyrifos on the 18th of November. The European Union (EU) has decided to intensify controls on lemons from Turkey, due to various incidents that have occurred involving high residue levels. This is the 6th time since the beginning of the season in September that such an event has happened.

According to the analyses carried out, the Turkish lemons contained residues of Chlorpyrifos, with an MRL of 0.2 mg / kg, at a rate of 0.446 milligrams, more than double the authorized MRL.

Source: fructidor.com

Publication date: 11/23/2016

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