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Cargo Ship Crash ‘Major Incident’

A ‘major incident’ was announced by British authorities as a cargo vessel crashed into a barge on the English Channel, sparking a heroic rescue mission.

The 200m long Sky Saga suffered engine failure off the coast of Samphire Hoe, Dover, as Storm Angus battered the UK coast over the weekend beginning November 18, 2016.
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23 crew members were rescued by helicopter and a further 12 remained on board to attempt to get the vessel to safety; the ship was able to regain anchorage. Storm Angus has caused dangerous floods and power cuts to the UK coastline especially the South West, with winds up to almost 90mph; the storm is the first to be named for the season.

It is understood that the Sky Saga is being sent to France to be repaired, there are Major Incident Crashes Cargo Shipno plans to scrap the vessel.

This is the Saga Sky – a cargo vessel stranded in the English Channel after it collided with a barge off #Dover https://t.co/wFWqhZnl36[1][2]

— Sky News (@SkyNews) November 20, 2016[3]


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