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Expanding the Rotterdam-Wolfurt link will bring Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance region closer to the sea


A port is nothing without its hinterland and its partners in the hinterland. This is demonstrated by the expansion of the Rotterdam-Wolfurt link, which began in May 2016 and has been developing positively since. The international logistics specialist, Gebr?der Weiss, and its customer Blum Beschl?ge, the rail cargo operator, the Port of Rotterdam as well as a supplier of Blum-Beschl?ge, Wuppermann, have established a twice weekly train service, which is now operated by numerous companies in Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance region.

The trains approximately 600 metres in length transport around 1,600 tonnes of goods to Rotterdam per trip and receive raw materials for the Blum supplier, Wuppermann, for the return journey. The ecologically sustainable link, which largely avoids making empty journeys, is also accepted due to its reliability and continuity. The transportation of Blum furniture fittings alone proves the economic potential of the new connection: between 10 and 15 containers are currently transported per train Demand is so strong that a third connection is already being planned.

The rail cargo operator AT supports this exchange, with two circuits per week between the Port of Rotterdam and Wolfurt. In Rotterdam, the terminals ECT Delta and APM2 are called on in line with the schedule. The terminals can be switched at short notice.

1,000 TEUs are being transported per month, though the trend is rising.
As a sea port, the Port of Rotterdam has some advantages that make it an important alternative to other sea ports, due to import/export-dependent and economically strong regions, such as Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance region. By means of the fiscal instrument, for example: when importing from a third country, Austrian companies with no branch in the Netherlands can create cash-flow benefits, and cut costs and expenditure for customs clearance and reimbursement applications by transferring value added tax (VAT). In addition, the Port of Rotterdam is considered by many shipping companies to be the first port of call on arrival of ships in Europe and the last on departure, so importers and exporters benefit from speed and flexibility.

With the direct train link, companies in the region have an important and cost-effective alternative to other means of transport. Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance area are important hinterland regions for the Port of Rotterdam. It is not a coincidence that the port supports the local partners in expanding connections in Austria.

The government of the Netherlands is also committed to a new programme for handling the intermodal Austrian market. Since other market partners have shown concrete interest, a further consolidation of the connections to Rotterdam is planned. Links to Linz, Enns, Vienna and Wolfurt run six times a week.

European Gateway Services (EGS), rail cargo operators (RCA Group) and international logistics companies such as Gebr?der Weiss are important partners for the Port of Rotterdam. “It was not only the capacity utilisation of the link during transportation to Rotterdam that was decisive, but also on the return journey,” says Michael Kramer of Gebr?der Weiss Air & Sea Terminal Wolfurt / HOH. “With such initiatives, we want to offer other companies this economic and environmentally friendly transport option.” “We at RailCargoOperator are killing two birds with one stone,” says Nenad Stancic from Rail Cargo Operator. “On the one hand, we generate imports for our round-the-clock system and, on the other hand, our customers are supplied with empty containers to transport their goods.”

“For the Port of Rotterdam, the intermodal connection to the hinterland is an important criterion for the reliability and sustainability of the links. Rail transport, in particular, is a top priority here,” says Franz Zauner, representative of the Port of Rotterdam in Austria. “This is why we immediately supported the project, which included Rail Cargo Austria from the outset, and provided the necessary slots and terminal times.” “We at the Port of Rotterdam welcome the commitment of two such important partners in Austria,” says Matthijs van Doorn, manager of the logistics department of port operations at the Port of Rotterdam. “Through its partners, the port also registers the increased market demand for the link to export via the Dutch port.

We want to be an alternative to the industry in Vorarlberg and around Lake Constance.

These regions have in Rotterdam a sea port that is closer than you think.”
Source: Port of Rotterdam

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