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Fairplay returns Terracotta Warriors to China

COPENHAGEN: November 10, 2016. Fairplay Shipping has completed the return of an exhibition of China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Warriors from the newly-opened Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, Denmark to China. The exhibition of China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang and his terracotta army was part of a series of cultural exchanges to celebrate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Denmark.

The terracotta army was discovered in Shaanxi province in 1974. They were made over two thousand years ago by Qin Shi Huang, the first ruler to unite China and the man who ordered the construction of the Great Wall. “The exhibition not only presents and promotes Chinese culture in Denmark, in North Europe and also in the world but also, it deepens bilateral ties between the two countries,” said Liu Biwei, China’s ambassador to Denmark.

Fairplay Shipping coordinated all cargo handling, booking, packing and transport of the 104 cultural objects from Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb and from the Qin and Han dynasties. The shipment included 10 of the large terracotta sculptures, portraying warriors, government officials and horses from the first Chinese emperor’s time. Due to their priceless value, the lack of sufficient insurance coverage required 24/7 supervision and monitoring during packing and local transport in Denmark, pallet build-up, and for the two freighter flights on China Airlines from Copenhagen to Shanghai.

The project took several months of advance planning to secure the permits from the airline and the Chinese authorities for the on-board courier, said Fairplay.

From Shanghai the 9,600 kgs. shipment was delivered via temperature-controlled art vehicles to the Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Center in Xi’an.

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