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Fleet Logistics celebrates 20th anniversary with new structure

Fleet Logistics, which is headquartered at Oberhaching, Munich, alongside parent company, T?V S?D AG, is combining with Germany’s leading independent fleet management experts, Fleet Company GmbH, to create the Fleet Logistics Group.The new enlarged Group will sit alongside sister companies, FleetVision and TCOPlus, within the T?V S?D Business Unit Fleet, to provide a unified approach to global fleet management.

Fleet Logistics currently has around 180,000 vehicles under contract for around 200 customers in 50 countries throughout the world, with a workforce of 380 employees.It recently went live in a number of different countries in Latin and Central America from a hub operation in S?o Paulo, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico.This latest expansion was “the perfect accompaniment” to the hub operation it set up in Singapore in July last year to be able to service 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.Dr J?rg L?ffler, chief executive officer of the Fleet Logistics Group (pictured above), said the new developments marked the continued progression of the company towards becoming one truly global brand.”The year 2016 represents an important landmark in the history of Fleet Logistics as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.”To mark this very special occasion, we have taken this opportunity to combine two market leading brands: Germany’s leading independent fleet solutions expert, Fleet Company, with Europe’s largest and longest established independent fleet management provider, Fleet Logistics International.”
L?ffler added: “Globalisation is a hot topic amongst international companies and for those demanding global solutions to manage their global fleets, Fleet Logistics Group as we will now be known, has developed the very first, truly global car fleet management company, with a physical presence across all four continents to support our global customers.
“With this new development, we are building on 20 years of experience in serving many of the world’s largest fleets in a highly mature region.
“By combining many of the lessons we have learnt, with the support of local fleet professionals and one global IT platform, we are now able to deliver for our customers best-in-class, value-adding, fleet solutions in Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America to complement our long-established European network.”L?ffler said that the new enlarged Group of companies, including fleet consultancy FleetVision, and whole life cost expert, TCOPlus, was now capable of providing international fleet customers with a one-stop shop for all their international fleet management requirements.”You may be looking for global consulting, industry-leading reporting, forecasting dashboards that can create complete transparency of your fleet, or you may need help in meeting your ‘green’ sustainability goals in time for the important deadline of 2020.
“Or you may simply want to streamline, harmonise or professionalise your fleet and focus on your core business, making it more productive, in which case you need look no further.
“The T?V S?D Business Unit Fleet, comprising of Fleet Logistics Group, FleetVision and TCOPlus, now has the expertise and tools, including the award winning GreenCube solution, to service your fleet from its own offices anywhere around the globe,” he said.
L?ffler added: “Our emphasis over the coming months will be on continued process improvement, greater harmonization of some of our IT systems, and a deeper management focus on developing our relationships with our many international fleet customers, as we continue in our quest ‘to drive our industry’ on a truly global basis.”

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