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Foggy Launch Conditions of Arklow’s Newest Dry-Cargo Vessel (See Video)

#FoggyLaunch – In particularly foggy conditions Arklow Shipping’s newest dry-cargo vessel Arklow Valour was launched in the Netherlands yesterday, writes Jehan Ashmore.[1] The Dutch flagged 2,999 gross tonnage general cargsoship (yard No.

725) was launched sideways off the stocks at Royal Bodewes in Hoogezand. The newbuild is to serve ASL’s Rotterdam based Arklow Shipping Nederland B.V. fleet.

It is also pleasing to report that the upgrading of Arklow Shipping’s fleet includes Irish flagged vessels as Arklow Cape was launched last month[2] at Ferus Smit’s Dutch yard in Westerbreok. As for Arklow Valour this fourth sister is of 10 single-hold cargoships on order. The 85m long vessel is a Bodewes 5,150dwt Eco-Trader design or in terms of vessel naming theme is of the ‘V’ class series.

The newbuild has a straight stemmed bow likewise of the last completed sister Arklow Valley launched in July. This revised design compared to a previous trio of sisters as outlined below is also to provide an improved vision to the bow anchors when anchoring. Representing the trio are Arklow Valiant, View and leadship Vale that feature a more distinctive pointed bow.

This is to improve energy efficiency by deflecting wave impact and thus saving on fuel consumption.

These newbuilds are earning their keep as earlier this month Afloat noted Arklow Valley offshore of Dublin Bay.

The vessel was bound for Drogheda Port having sailed from Terneuzen, Netherlands.


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