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Italian medications cargo touches down in Tripoli Mitiga Airport


Mitiga International Airport is an airport in Libya located about 8 kilometres east of Tripoli s city center that was established in 1995 An Italian warplane laden with medicines and medical equipment arrived at the Mitiga airport in Tripoli Sunday morning. The Tripoli Foreign Ministry said that the medications cargo that arrived from Italy includes about 30 tonnes of medicines and medicament.

“By the enormity of this Italian cargo, 10.000 patients and 100 serious injuries from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous fighters, who are fighting in Sirte, can be given proper medical care for three months.” The Foreign Ministry said.

The Italian medical assistance was done in cooperation with the UN Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy.

The FM added that the Italian assistance was also an urgent supply requested by the Government of National Accord and it comes as one part of a programme aiming at providing humanitarian aids for the most vulnerable civilians in Libya with money amounting to 2.5 million euros.


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