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Poland buys six Pilica air defence batteries

Poland’s Armament Inspectorate has signed a PLN746 million (USD180 million) contract for the delivery of six batteries of the PSR-A Pilica very short-range air defence (VSHORAD) missile-and-gun system from Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow (ZMT). Battery chart for the Pilica VSHORAD system. (ZMT)Battery chart for the Pilica VSHORAD system. (ZMT) Pilica has been developed to meet a Polish Air Force requirement for an air transportable air defence system.

A single PSR-A Pilica battery includes six ZUR-23-2SP Jodek-SP missile-and-gun systems, a command vehicle, six towing trucks, two ammunition trucks, and two transport trucks (all based on Jelcz 442.32), and (currently) a ZDPSR Sola mobile radar station. Speaking to IHS Jane’s the operational director of ZMT, Tomasz Berezowski, said, “The first interim Pilica battery is to be finished in October 2019, because the system is to be adapted for three different mobile radar stations. “Under the contract the first two PSR-A systems in serial configuration are to be delivered in 2020; another two in 2021; the last one and the initial Pilica, updated to serial configuration, in October 2022”, Berezowski added.

Each ZUR-23-2SP Jodek-SP fire unit is armed with two Grom or Piorun 5,000 m range man portable air defence systems (MANPADS) as their primary effector and two 23 mm 2A14 cannons for 1,000-2,000 m short-range air defence. A single Pilica battery is capable of defending a 350 sq km area. The ZUR-23-2SP and ammunition can be transported on board Poland’s Airbus C295M cargo aircraft, while the Sola needs to be lifted by Poland’s C-130E Hercules transport aircraft.

The PSR-A Pilica system has been developed by a consortium led by ZMT, along with CRW Telesystem-Mesko, Jelcz, PCO, PIT-RADWAR, Prexer, and WZL nr.2. After evaluation of the Pilica in the early 2020s the Polish Armed Forces are planning to purchase an additional 6-12 batteries, IHS Jane’s was told. Want to read more?

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