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The Wyse choice

16 November 2016

At present Wyse Transport employs close to 40 staff across all of their distribution and logistics management services.

At present Wyse Transport employs close to 40 staff across all of their distribution and logistics management services. Wyse Transport has been providing scheduled sea, air and road freight haulage services for all industries in Ireland and across Europe for 15 years now. Irish Trucker caught up with company director Ken Maher to find out more.

Based in Swords Business Park in Co Dublin, Wyse Transport is the road haulage partner of choice for many of the major freight forwarders across the country. The company was established in 2001 by Ken Maher and Bernard White and has since grown to become one of the most recognised road freight brands on Irish and UK roads for imports and exports both to and from Ireland. Being located close to Dublin Airport, the M50, M1 and Dublin Port Tunnel gives the company easy access to all national routes, Dublin Port and the airport.

At present Wyse Transport employs close to 40 staff across all of their distribution and logistics management services, as Ken himself explained.
“We employ 37 staff here at the moment and are celebrating 15 years in business this year,” he stated. “Myself and Bernard founded the company back in 2001 and we would have both came from a transport background, you could say. We felt that we both knew the industry well enough and decided to take a gamble and thankfully things have turned out well.”

Ken’s background saw him working in the freight and transport industry for 15 years and he is a CPC Licence holder and manages the day to day operations for the company. He is responsible for managing the customer interaction from blue chip companies, multinationals to SME’s importing and exporting to and from Ireland. Bernard is responsible for the UK & European operations of Wyse Transport.

Prior to establishing Wyse Transport, he had worked in the haulage and transport business for 20 years. He specialises in air freight management, contract rate negotiation and all aspects of the businesses import and export activity. Bernard has an extensive European transport network to ensure Wyse Transport meets its international customer’s requirements into Ireland.

Since 2001, Wyse Transport has grown to provide road freight services for all industries in Ireland to and from Europe. The main countries that they currently serve are Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Austria and the UK. The company prides itself on its excellent service and reliability and handle all of its customers’ day to day logistical requirements whether it’s European or local.

Indeed Wyse Transport is very much acknowledged as a haulage specialist, working with many blue chip companies who rely on them to meet their logistics requirements. The company’s knowledge of the industry and their modern fleet contribute to the development of the complete haulage service. The underlying commitment from Wyse Transport is a partnership approach to the safe and timely movement of all international forwarding of their customers’ cargo with the most modern fleet on the road.

The continued focus is to be a haulage partner for all industries and sectors underlined by professional service and the most competitive prices in the industry. Ask Ken what he sees as being the key to success in this line of work and he’ll point out one thing in particular. “I think reliability in this industry is a huge factor,” the company’s co-director stated.

“I think it’s one of the main reasons why our customers choose us first, because 10 out of 10 times we’re there for them. Our drivers are our ambassadors really and we make sure that we have the best drivers here.” So what is that the company specialises in exactly?

Wyse Transport is acknowledged as a specialist in the transport of products in the pharmaceutical, aviation and horticultural sectors. They also provide general transport services throughout Ireland. With professional drivers that are highly experienced and trained to manage all the requirements of customers, Wyse Transport’s development has come through continued partnership with its clients where they work together to manage their customers transport and haulage requirements.

They continue to work from multinationals to sole traders in the management of their logistics on an outsourced basis. During the economic downturn, Wyse Transport was no different to any company in Ireland in that it felt the effects of the recession. However, one of their head men is happy to report that things have improved considerably as of late.

“Business has picked up an awful lot in the last year or so,” said Ken. “We feel like things have turned a corner in this country and the way we see it, it’s onwards and upwards from here.” The company’s extensive fleet is another example of commitment to the highest standard of quality and service through every aspect of the business. It is constantly updated and renewed with the majority of its articulated trucks aged one to three years old.

As part of the commitment to customer service, Wyse Transport provides tracking information on their customers’ goods and use the most advanced satellite tracking and fleet management system in the marketplace. They employ their own team of mechanics in a purpose-built garage and the fleet includes over 20 articulated trucks and 40 trailers that include a mix of refrigerated units and trailers of all sizes. The Wyse Transport fleet includes 26 modern tractor units, 43 Trailers of varying capacity and good carrying capabilities, specialised air cargo trailers, straight, spilt door & rollerbed refrigerated units, Euroliner trailers providing access through rear or side doors or roof for ease of loading any variety of goods, as well as box trailers.

The fleet also comprises of single temperature and multi-temperature fridges, which are used for the chilled flowers and ambient plants. Flower Transportation is another aspect of the business, with the carriage of flowers from Holland to the export of Irish specialist produce Wyse Transport understand the time and quality pressures of the horticultural industry. Wyse Transport is a fully licensed Haulage Company.

We are covered by IRHA and CMR insurance. Wyse Transport
Swords Business Park, Co. Dublin D16
Phone: +353 (1) 808 4888
Web: www.wysetransport.com
Email: [email protected][1][2][3]

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