Logistics And Frieght Forwarding

Where are the European logistics hotspots?

It takes a team of experts with in-depth knowledge to spot real potential in European logistics properties.

Patrizia European logistics hotspots SPONSORED CONTENT FROM PATRIZIA

Dr Marcus Cieleback is group head of research at Patrizia

Author Dr Marcus Cieleback The future of same-day deliveries depends on drones, droids and digitalization.

Or does a simple low-tech container still have the edge? One thing is clear, it’s the last mile that counts in modern logistics — and an expert’s view on the property trends.[1][2] Our infographic, based on research by PATRIZIA Immobilien AG, illustrates where prime yields for logistics hubs can be achieved, but also how they may only be short-lived in these areas.

But it’s not just the short lead time and secure income that is drawing investors. The flexibility of logistics is attractive, too. Should the economy grow fast or become sluggish, logistics is able to respond fast within a few months or so, as this sector is directly related to the retailers and consumer spending.


Marcus Cieleback, group head of research at PATRIZIA

About PATRIZIA Immobilien AG

PATRIZIA Immobilien AG[3] has been active as an investment manager on the real estate market in 15 European countries for more than 30 years. PATRIZIA’s range includes the acquisition, management, value increase and sale of residential and commercial real estate over own licensed investment platforms. As one of the leading real estate investment companies in Europe PATRIZIA operates as a respected business partner of large institutional investors and retail investors in all major European countries.

Currently, the Company manages real estate assets worth around EUR 17 billion, primarily as a co-investor and portfolio manager for insurance companies, pension fund institutions, sovereign funds, savings and cooperative banks.


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