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135 kilograms of ‘jihadist drug’ seized at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

A total of 135 kilometres of a so-called ‘jihadist drug’ were seized by French authorities at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport across January and February. The drug, an amphetamine called Captagon, was seized on inbound flights from Lebanon at customs in the airport, according to local news outlet 20 Minutes. Le Figaro claims the haul is the result of an operation which received the co-operation of the German and Czech authorities.

The cargo had been reportedly destined for Saudi Arabia, with a stopover in Turkey. Captagon – also known by its medical name Fenethylline – is reportedly used by Islamic State militants and sold by the group to fund arms purchases. It causes an increase in alertness, concentration, and physical performance.

This is the first time the drug has been seized in France.

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