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Sail cargo opportunity

30 May 2017

Ceiba's highly efficient electric engine can be charged by the ships propeller when sailing

Ceiba’s highly efficient electric engine can be charged by the ships propeller when sailing

A young cargo shipping company is seeking investors to take part in a small-scale sail cargo network in Costa Rica’s ecologically friendly corridor. Ceiba Sociedad An?nima (SA), an associate of the International Windship Association (IWSA), has acquired a build site in Punta Morales, transport equipment, capital and a team of committed employees and experienced project managers. Danielle Doggett, chief executive officer, Ceiba SA, said: “We are a carbon-neutral and socially responsible for-profit corporation, and we hope to show that if shipping is to continue, there needs to be a huge shift in the way that people do business.”

The company has started on a build of a tall ship, which it says is an environmentally friendly working boat being built to transport cargo as far West as Hawaii, south to Peru and northbound to California, with the Costa Rica Pacific Coast as its homeport. When completed in 2020, the Ceiba tall ship will sail along the Pacific Exchange (PAX) Line, the first shipping route developed by Sailcargo Inc, Ceiba SA’s parent company founded in Canada in 2013. Ceiba will have two main revenue streams, cargo and trainees.

Revenue generated from cargo will account for about 84% of income, while trainees will provide about 16%. Around 54% of gross income is projected to return to shareholders via dividends. The company prides itself on its environmental stewardship.

On the rare occasion that trees need to be cut down for the project, a reforestation project is underway to ensure that enough trees are planted on a regular basis to replace the materials used. Master woodworker and co-founder, Ceiba SA, Lynx Guimond, said: “We have kicked-off a system where more working boats of this kind can be built entirely of lumber planted for this purpose. Ceiba launches in 2020, and we will be aiming to start another build soon after.”

Manta Marine Design’s naval architect Pepijn van Schaik, is the technical designer of the vessel. Ceiba’s highly efficient electric engine, which will run off of solar battery banks onboard and be charged by the ships propeller when sailing, is the work of Sigma Plus Associates, Switzerland. Rigging is to be constructed and installed by Topsail Rigging Ltd of Canada.

For those interested in shares visit www.sailcargo.org[1]


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