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Scania : On the road again

Dedicated truck mechanic Telmo Abreu keeps Scania vehicles on the road – and on the race track – in the USA.USA Rising and descending roars of revving engines, puffs of exhaust, a flashed green light and they’re off!

Barrelling down the track, Telmo Abreu’s souped-up Scania V8 eats tarmac while drag-racing another diesel cab at the US Diesel Trucking Nationals in Englishtown, New Jersey.

His truck covers the quarter-mile (402-metre) distance in an astonishing 14 seconds.Abreu has raced Scania trucks in the US since 1992, but his love of the company’s vehicles goes back even further.[Attachment][1]Telmo Abreu collects, rebuilds and sells older Scania trucks still scattered across the US.Pontus H??k


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